Initial Thoughts On The Cover Mod

Yes, my cover mod came in. Yes, it’s white.

My copy of 6th Style does work; I haven’t gotten any bootleg import to work yet, but I need to talk to a friend who has gotten it working on the same setup to see what I’m doing wrong.

  • Comparably easy to install vs. a solder mod
  • It’s only $30 – plus $20 for the boot discs, but STILL cheaper than most anything else.
  • Lid opens easily and swapping is painless. No monkeying with the reset and eject buttons.
  • It plays 6th Style flawlessly.
  • The boot disc has a nice little star effect, far better than the PS-X Change 2.


  • It’s still tedious to install. Have a precision tool kit available, because the little screws are a bitch.
  • The plastic disc in the lid (which gets transplanted from the PS2) will make noise if it doesn’t land perfectly centered on the disc, the disc is not seated exactly right, and the moon is not in the proper phase. Putting something heavy on top gets rid of the noise, but this is still goofy.
  • I couldn’t get a black one (they were out), so my PS2 looks unbelievably ghetto now.
  • Instructions are sketchy.

Overall thoughts? If you’re absolutely dying for a low cost way to play imports, and absolutely do not want to drop the $300 on a JPS2, this is a workable solution. Would I recommend it to others? Sure, if you’re a cheap bastard like myself.
Now, back to drooling over 6th Style…