Aerobics Revolution

I’ve heard on occasion that Konami ripped off Dance Aerobics for the NES to come up with DDR. I’d have to say that’s wrong – Konami ripped off Dance Aerobics to come up with Aerobics Revolution.
Just announced today and shipping on March 13th for the Japanese PS2, the game uses a DDR dance pad to lead the user through what would appear to be some aerobic exercises. It appears to be 6-panel rather than 4-panel with DDR. Rather than DDR, which just has the diet mode tacked on, this appears to be fully devoted to tracking your progress and calorie burn.
Translating the broken engrish that babelfish gives me, my understanding is that the 8 songs (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s only 8) are 3-4 minutes long each, as opposed to the 90 seconds that DDR sticks to. You can pick which of 5 regions of the body you’d like to work on, there is a lesson mode for beginners, and there’s a DDR mode as well just for the sake of having a DDR mode.
Also amusingly, apparently there is a multi-function odometer “e-walkeylife” that will be sold separately this summer that will be connectable to the game and allow you to “manage the motion record of every day that it was adopted” – thus tracking nearly all aerobic activity you do.
The game comes on 1 CD-ROM and will cost 5800 Yen (about $48 at the current exchange rate). Screen shots are available on the page linked above.