Why I Love IRC

I love finding gems like this when I wake up in the logs from last night.
01:16 AM: <Jebus> How was SVGL today?
01:17 AM: <Nik2> empty no doubt
01:17 AM: <Nik2> I wonder if jared has uploaded those pics yet :D
01:17 AM: <Nik2> we played
01:17 AM: <Nik2> minigolf
01:17 AM: <Nik2> and on one hole
01:18 AM: <Nik2> corey fucked up 3 times in a row
01:18 AM: <Nik2> and I said
01:18 AM: <Nik2> Looks like corey needs his bar!
01:18 AM: <Jebus> HHAAHAA
01:18 AM: <Nik2> and corey kicked me off the bench and we all had a good laugh
12:00 AM: <Boxthor> Which reminds me
12:00 AM: <Boxthor> There were these people at SVGL
12:00 AM: <Boxthor> and while me and james were playing
12:00 AM: <Boxthor> They were like
12:00 AM: <Boxthor> Raving and shit
12:01 AM: <Boxthor> and yelling out random shit
12:01 AM: <Boxthor> So….
12:02 AM: <Sl1p> And they put 5-key on after selecting 7 key
12:02 AM: <Sl1p> I didn’t even know you could do that
12:02 AM: <Boxthor> Oh
12:02 AM: <Boxthor> And before they left
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> They played party course
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> and one of them
12:03 AM: <Sl1p> …
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> scratched
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> with
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> every
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> fucking
12:03 AM: <Boxthor> note
12:03 AM: <Sl1p> While they were playing 5-key, easy, auto scratch, no speed, couples
12:03 AM: <Sl1p> One of their friends
12:03 AM: <Sl1p> Was scratching for one of them
12:03 AM: <Sl1p> I bet they were from Sacramento
12:03 AM: <THK> ………….
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