The overwhelming intelligence of Cornell

So CTB announces they’re opening a “drive through” location in what I’m sure used to be the old Dunkin Donuts / Green Mountain Coffee / Oswego Subs “location of death”, since no businesses can ever stay open there.
Leave it to The Daily Sun to flub this one up.
“If they really wanted to make a new bagel store, they should have put it somewhere on campus,” said Claudia Chiu ’06. For students living on North Campus or those without cars, the drive-thru appears to be of no use.
“The main thing about Collegetown Bagels is that it’s easy to get to. I don’t see the point in a drive-thru,” said Sachin Desai ’06.
“Where’s Meadow St.?” asked Kristen Zukosky ’05.

Christ, people, Brous-Mehaffey have MORE THAN ONE CTB location as it is, and run MORE THAN ONE bakery in town. Cornell kids complain about there being “nothing to do in this town” and yet don’t know where anything is. Grr.