One of those Mondays

So I’m sitting here working; the weather page says that currently it’s 3 degrees, with the wind chill bringing it down to -13. This, sadly, is warmer than it felt earlier, even though the actual temp is down. I have to trek out in a bit to return our overdue movies and get some basic staples for the fridge. Hopefully I won’t get frostbitten.

Katie had to come home early from work today and take a sick day because she just felt nautious. She’s currently passed out in bed. Poor girl. :(

Last night was notable not for the huge blow out football game I didn’t watch, but because we had the essential “re-pilot” of Alias to digest. Network execs force production team to rekindle show with diminshing ratings by making extreme changes; entire storylines for past season and a half nuked/closed (depending on your view) in one tidy hour episode full of hokey dialogue and blatant exposition for new viewers. Oh, and of course, mandatory T&A to draw in the football crowd between the Bowl and the network version of The Man Show.

I can’t decide whether or not Alias has jumped the shark or not yet; a lot of things went on last night that would be considered shark-worthy, but I have too much faith in JJ and/or the evil powers of Arvin Sloane to keep the show interesting. But of course, only time will tell.

In the short term, I finally registered with ABC’s site so I could download Alias Underground, and it’s pretty nifty for a freeware game laden with sponsorship ploys (I nearly fell over when I saw an enemy document in the game that warned about the stealth capabilities of the Ford Focus). And it’s cross platform. So let’s go.

Engine + SD-6 Agent Training – Mac | PC

Turkish Embassy Mission – Mac | PC

Raid On SD-6 – Mac | PC

The Circumference – Mac | PC

Turkish Embassy Countermission – Mac | PC

Return To SD-6 – Mac | PC

Install the engine first, then the mission packs. New missions every 5 weeks or so, 9 missions in all.
Note that using these links doesn’t enter you in the contest, you’ll need to register like everyone else and download them from the official site.