Random links before Xmas

Some links before I head out:
Those crazy kids at Microsoft. They just can’t stop trying to bash the PS2. Not only do they manage to insult women, they manage to insult dialup users – which make up the majority of the Internet! Classic.
But it’s not just the Xbox team that’s spreading the holiday cheer – turns out that they’re screwing with educational institutions too, forcing them to undergo NDAs when they’re not legally allowed to! Joy to the world!
Finally, to get away from this whole Microsoft thing, if you haven’t started watching So Graham Norton yet, shame on you. BBC America runs him at 11PM on weeknights, and he is not to be missed. Of course, the irony is that he’s not originally from the BBC, but instead Channel 4.
Katie and I are out to my parents’ house until sometime tomorrow, unless this alleged snow storm destroys the roads. We’ll be back at some point, though!