Some reading for today

Just a quick dash around the newshub, and I’ve dug up some fun things for if you’re bored post-Turkey today.
Fuck Hip Hop – an extremely well written essay by Pierre Bennu on what’s wrong with Hip Hop. Don’t think this is me trying to be some hip hop poser – you can see from my play list that constantly flows by on the site when I’m at home that rap and hip hop make up less than 5% of my playlist, but the article covers a lot of what I see wrong in that section of the music industry.
Most everyone heard about the tragic cop killing in Red Bluff, California. A chunk of people heard about the confession online. A smaller subset of people read it. What makes this case special and bizarre? The man who did it, named Andy and recently arrested in New Hampshire, claims immunity because he was incorporated – and as acting in the interests of the corporation. I quote:
As a statement against this practice, prior to my action in Red Bluff, I formed a corporation under the name “Proud and Insolent Youth Incorporated,” so that I could use the destructive immunity of corporations and turn it on something that actually should be destroyed.
The Register has a well written anaylsis of the situation. The entire situation puts me in a difficult position – I certainly don’t agree with the cop killing, but this is probably the most public and extreme stand against corporate crime in history, and am in awe of his gall. Then again, he may just be saying this after the fact to make him seem more political…whatever. It’s a bizarro case. BIZARRO!
Gotta cut this short – time for turkey.