Review: The Tavern at Maxie’s

(This is the abridged version of a post that was lost yesterday.)
Most of you who have been in Ithaca have been to Maxie’s Supper Club. The recent construction, as it turned out, was for a new mini-restaurant called The Tavern At Maxie’s, not another dining room.
The Tavern serves lunch and brunch on the weekend, with a Mediterranean flavor. Brunch is extremely good – they have a Proscuitto Eggs Benedict that is to die for, and Katie said the salmon plate is the best she’s ever had. The Churros Chocolate were excellent as well, and the Coke Ponies – well, Coca Cola always tastes better in a bottle.
Highest recommendations, but not like this is a shock since Maxie’s has held the position of “my favorite restaurant” for over 2 years now. If you’re in town, and you need lunch, head over there.