Alright, let’s see what’s happened since the last time I posted…
**Katie graduated.** Her big todo – which she was underenthused about – was on the 23rd. She should be getting Cum Laude honors (Towson is a little slow on the calculations), and I’m very proud of her. We immediately jumped in a car and drove back up to Ithaca.
**I graduated.** My big todo was on the 26th, and it was surprisingly pleasant. The main ceremony was absurdly large, and the CS ceremony was absurdly disorganized, but all in all it was nice – Hunter gave a decent speech. Danny Glover, who spoke at the Congregation the day before, was terrible. Oh well.
**I got a new iMac and an iPod.** My parents are too good for me, as this was my graduation present and birthday present – except that I’ve gotten more for each occasion. The iPod is badass, the iMac is great, and I’m rounding out my accessories (new mouse because my old one is causing system crashes, more RAM, etc).
**I got a PlayStation 2.** How sad is it that this is a highlight? I’m up to four games as of press time (GTA3, FFX, SSX Tricky, TM:B), and thanks to the Blockbuster Games Freedom pass, I’ll probably have played every other major release by the end of next month.
**I moved out of Quarry.** So my old address no longer is any good.
**I moved to Maryland.** That’s right, I’m officially gone from NY, much to the sadness of my family. I also switched over my new cell phone (Motorola 120t) to a Maryland number, so that’s changed too. Katie and I are living out of her room, which is working surprisingly well given how small the room is.
**I still haven’t found a job.** And not for lack of trying, either. But we’ll keep on trying.
**I turned 22.** That’s today. Woohoo.
So what’s in the future? Tomorrow Kate and I take a much needed vacation to NYC, and then spend the weekend in NJ for a White family reunion. DDR will ensue, and we’ll head back home on Sunday. Outside of that, everything’s up in the air.
On the wedding front, invitations have gone out – sadly, not everyone I wanted to get one will get one. I apologize to all of you who feel shafted. :/
I think that’s about it on the Dan front. Please feel free to email me – it’s still the same address.