Long Overdue Update

much going on, so few ways to order it all. We’ll do in order of
importance in paragraph form, that seems to go over big.

Spring Break – my spring break is going to be mostly non-existant
this year. This, however, is not a bad thing – the Monday of break, I
have a job interview with iWon/Excite in Westchester County. It’s a
second interview for a production position. Then, Thursday-Saturday are
being taken up by the legendary flyout process to head to Redmond, WA for
– you guessed it – Microsoft. This is also a second interview, this time
for a Software Test Engineer position. Thankfully, Kate’s spring break
does *not* mesh with mine week-wise, so she’ll be coming up the week
after. Any way you slice it, Spring Break will be mighty interesting, and
I’ll detail as much as I can outside my NDAs on this very website.

Bemani – I’ve shifted slightly away from DDR (although I do still
put in an hours worth every couple of days) and into Beatmania. I’d
explain Beatmania, but it’s futile – however, my official controller comes
in some time this week, and I’m bouncing in my seat waiting for it to come

School – we’ve now passed the halfway point and are into the home
stretch. 7 weeks remain of my Cornell career. Classes are going
decently, although the wild arm-flailing that comes from working on
getting a job and working on the wedding mean my studies are taking a
small hit. I’ll survive, though. I’m already starting to get nostalgic –
I went to the last home Men’s hockey game last night, where we crushed
Yale 4-2. On to Lake Placid!

Ithaca – the weather has been extremely bizarre. Thursday, 50,
Friday, 60, Saturday, 60s, Sunday, 30s and snow. How in the hell? Also
worth noting for Ithaca types – the new pizza place where Wendy’s used to
be has great pizza. Get over your Mama’s addiction and give them a try,
even if they do endlessly push beverages on you.

Self-Promotion: Check out my Gaming Den interview on MacGamer where I ramble
continuously about games. It’s a very me interview.

That’s all for now.