Show Me Your Energy


My name is Dan, and I’m a Dance Dance Revolution addict.

(Hi, Dan.)

What is Dance Dance Revolution (herein after referred to as DDR), you ask? Take a floor pad with some large arrows in it. Step on the arrows in the correct rhythm. Dance like there’s no tomorrow.

An eBay auction got me two floor pads and a copy of the US DDR game for
the PSX; almost all of my house has gone through the following steps, in

  • Lack of recognition – “What the hell are you doing?”
  • Disgust – “You guys look like such dorks playing that…”
  • Reluctance – “No way am I playing that. I’ll just screw it all

  • Enjoyment – “Wow, I’m terrible, but this IS kind of fun…”
  • Addiction – “Just one more game.”

If you’re curious for more info about the DDR crazy, check out the newspad link about gamers wanting a revolution.

I was down in Maryland this past weekend; Kate and I had a wonderful time. Next visit is in two weeks for El Fall Break-o.

My faith in TV has been restored; Cowboy Bebop is back on Cartoon Network, and Press Your Luck is on Game Show Network. Life is good.

Career Fair is for the next two days, and my workload is starting to finally kick back in. Guess I’ll just have to keep dancing.