August-us Gloop

I have
to start this news update with a serious disappointment; Andrew from
MacAddict responded this morning and regretfully informed me that the DV
tape with the bulk of their expo footage – including the engagement – got
hosed on the way back to their offices. So sadly, there will be no video;
I’m sure you’re all as disappointed as I am.

But it’s not all bad – Kate and I are doing well in our silly room in the
mad house. And she did get her ring back, perfectly fitted, from Kay last

Let me talk a little bit about iPuppet while I have the chance; iPuppet
Classic Cards is a game developed by Freeverse, to be published by Aspyr.
It’s basically a freshened up version of our 4 big card games
(Hearts/Spades/Setback/Euchre), cross platform (MacOS9/MacOSX/Win), and
with some spiffy new features. The main new feature is the iPuppet, which
allows you to put your hand inside the puppet head and slap a picture of
yourself on, thus letting the other network players easily see you. Super

I’m in charge of beta testing this mother of a software project, which
means I get to lead 80+ testers in downloading and testing. I’ve gotten
around 300 emails in the past week, so if you wonder why you never get a
chance to talk to me online anymore, that’s probably why.

Oh, also in the past week, Kate decided she was going to stay an extra
week; she’ll now return home on the 23rd.

Outside of that, life continues on – I have some updating to do to the
movie database later today, should I find a moment.

Oh, Mac users – get Airburst. Best shareware game EVER. And watch soon for another round of the MacWorld Hangover, probably
going up this evening.

Wow, a lot has gone on, hasn’t it?