And So It Begins

A week
ago today, Kate and I were making the drive down to her house so that she
could return to Maryland and potentially begin going to school.
Interesting events while we were there included going to a club in
Baltimore (Hammerjacks), going to a restaurant in Baltimore (Tio Pepe),
and hitting Best Buy like there’s no tomorrow (purchased 3 DVDs, a CD, and
some cases for my GBA games). I returned home Sunday all by myself,

The house has fully moved in, and while things are in a bit of disarray
right now, wires will soon be taped down and we’ll all be too busy with
school work to even look at each other. Well, hopefully not.

Today marks the beginning of classes for the Fall 2001 semester. My
schedule, of course, has been updated to reflect my new time commitment
thingies, and will probably change slightly over the next few weeks as
sections are added or moved, and CCC gets firmly established again.

For those who I haven’t told, Kevin Smith is coming to campus via CUPB;
it’ll be October 1st, at 7:30 (I believe).

GBA owners must go pick up Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the sheer ownage.

Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you…oh yeah, I do have a scan
of our engagement announcement photo. I
know I’m way behind on my various databases, but given there’s maybe 3
people who read this site regularly, and those people talk to me more than
enough, I think I’ll be okay to get school going