The Big Come Down

virtually over, folks. That’s not to say it’s over on my computer –
rather, it’s nearly over.

This past week included a flawless finale to our graphics project, a trip
to IC to see Lewis Black and Mark Curry, and plenty of miscellany.

This week has been crazy – what, with my last prelim and a couple
assignments and all that. Here is the expected schedule for the rest of
the week, through Sunday:

Wednesday10:00 last 222 lecture, turn in problem set;
11:00 last Music lecture, 12:00 last Music section,
1:00 visit Mom and pick up computing things, 2:00 eat lunch,
3:00 last Graphics lecture, 5:00 dinner and television,
8:00 last Game Theory problem set.

Thursday8:40 last Game Theory lecture, 12:00 last
222 section, 5:00 CCC barbecue, 6:00 pick up Kate from bus
station, later dinner/supplies for Friday/relax

Friday – do I have to explain Slope Day? Oh, and Kate has a job
interview at 10 AM. And Christine gets in at 1PM. But other than
that…it’s Slope Day.

Saturday – once everyone recovers, it’s the big bash over at my
house. Watch as everyone except me recovers from their hangovers!

Sunday – Kate returns home, and study week begins.

It sounds crazy because it is.