Busy busy busy

So it’s been an eventful weekend here in Ithaca – Spring finally arrived, and the weather was gorgeous up until about 20 minutes ago when the rain started down in a heavy manner. Regardless, here’s an update on everything going on. That IS why you’re here, right?
Friday night, we braved the vast sea of kids and went to see Pokemon 3. As with the last two movies, it was cute and well done, and while next to no one who reads this will believe me or listen to this, you should go see it. If you want more details, read this review by a friend-of-a-friend.
Also, last night was the epic Bobby “Blue” Bland / BB King concert. I’ll make my promise now to do a full concert write up later tonight, but my thoughts for now is that the show went extremely well, barring some minor audio snafus. Rod Bland – Bobby’s drummer (and son) was absolutely hilarious and a pleasure to work with. And as usual, our crews rocked the house. Load out was done by 1:30, and no, I didn’t walk home in the rain, although I did walk home in pain.
This week is hectic, with two prelims and a programming assignment due the same day. Then on Friday I’m making the trek to Kate’s house for a relaxing weekend. I’ve also got a review to write this week, and laundry to do…right now.
Till next time.