A Bundle Of News

Let’s see, paragraph with boldface or unnumbered list…hmm…paragraph with boldface!

Kate’s house was great. She’ll be coming up for Slope Day. Expect incriminating pictures.

John Cleese is coming back to campus – actually, he’s already here. According to a poster my ever-observant mother saw on the Arts Quad, Prof. Cleese will be giving a sermon on Sunday at 11 AM in Sage Chapel. I will be unable to attend (see below), but if someone can go and report back I’d be much obliged.

Jurassic 5 + Common = This Sunday – the big MCFAB show is this weekend, but honest to God, Jurassic 5 rules and you have no reason not to go.
Tickets are still quite available at the door. Show starts at 8 PM, Sunday, in Bailey Hall. I’m heading the Stage Crew, so…yeah.

Recommendations: Kruder & Dorfmeister absolutely fucking rule the world. I picked up the K&D Sessions and it’s the best mix album I’ve purchased since Trance Nation 1. Do not miss this CD set.Kirby Tilt N’ Tumble is a must-have for Game Boy people. No questions, just go buy
it.USA Datanet also rules, because they have the best long distance rates I’ve ever seen. If you need long distance, and you’re in the Northeast, check out their website and sign up today. And put me down as a referrer so I get a $2 credit. Finally, Anne Robinson is incredibly delightful on the Weakest Link, so please watch it. Note this is probably the only time you’ll ever hear me tell you to watch something on NBC.

That’s right, my web site is just one large advertisement for everything I like. What, you expected thoughtful writings about world events and meta navel-gazing ramblings?