Happy Birthday,

I just went digging through my archives a bit (to put up the January
archives, no less) and noticed that my first news post was one year ago
as of Tuesday. So that makes this site officially one year old. And to
think, I really haven’t had anything in the way of a major makeover for
the site yet.
If you’re reading this, the chance seems to be about 90% that you
already know me. So keep coming back, because I hope to provide enough
entertainment and boredom-curing links to make you people happy. If
you’re in the other 10%; hope you find something you like here.
Besides a couple tweaks here and there (contacts, RemyHoo, 3 old photos
I dug up), and the ever-present Linkpad and Newspad features, the big
addition for today is the BPM Database. Since a small group of us are
trying to get our foot in the DJ door, I decided to move my database
from MacBPM to one of my own design. This is better because:
– It has more than 4 fields.
– More people than just me can view/work on it.
– It’s a good time killer.
Anyhow, the link is in the toys section, because it doesn’t directly
relate to the mass of humanity that makes up *me*. Or something.
But wait, there’s more – a history lesson first, though: As of January,
I have been online for *6* complete years. January 1995-January 2001. In
that time, I’ve had a web page in one form or another up for most of
that (since August of 95, for you nitpickers). I’ve had the page on 3
different hosts – Lightlink, Cornell, and Csoft. I’ve gone through
roughly 7 major revisions of my page, including but not limited to:
“Remy’s Home Page”, “a lot like life”, “Minute Of Decay”, “”,
“The Dan Dickinson Foundation”, “More And Faster”, and of course, this
one. In those years, I’ve had countless side projects that I’ve reached
various levels of success with. TCS Central Schools, Numblocked Systems, IE Channel, Repent!, The Loose Kanons Archive, Go, the Undernet #wrestling page, The Taughannock Stone Man, and the Woodstock report, among others. Needless to say, I’ve always been overly ambitious about what I can actually get away with on the web. (Fun fact: Did you know
the first thing I said I’d do with this site is database the quotefile?
It still hasn’t happened.)
But now, I’m handing you the shovel, dear reader, and letting you dig
for treasure – behold, the graveyard. i have created near-perfect
mirrors of both my Lightlink and Cornell web spaces. You can now dig and
see many of the remains of all my old, shitty web pages. And if I can
find it, I’ll dig up some more of them over Spring Break.
Enough web page crap. What’s been happening with Cornell? Business is
about to pick up, as I have two prelims, a project, and two problem sets
due next week. After that, it gets nice and easy, with the Bela Fleck
show on the 12th (tickets still available! Call Ticketbastard.), and my
official break begins on the evening of the 15th. Kate is making the
trek up here for the third Spring Break, and we’re going to have plenty
of fun while everyone else blows $400+ to go to California. I’m sure
something wacky will happen, most likely with the added bonus of making
me question the sexuality of one of the group members. Woo-ee.
Other than that, life moves slow around here.