Push Downstairs

First and foremost, I’m rather annoyed right now that AppliedTheory
continues to blow, thus cutting me from the sweet sweet AOLIM. So if you
need me, and I’m not on IM, email will have to be your primary method of
getting ahold of me.
Yesterday was a terribly exciting day, what with getting my Underworld
DVD at last, and the XFL game, and the Maxie’s run…let me break it
down in the UNKLE style.
The Underworld DVD is godlike. 90 minutes of concert footage, 90 minutes
of concept art, program your own concert, and more DVD-ROM content than
you can shake a stick at. Highly recommended.
The XFL game was interesting. While it wasn’t a terribly good game of
football, it was entertaining. It was to the point of being just
ridiculously zany. While we didn’t watch all of the game, I think the
defining moment I saw was when someone on the defensive line jumped the
line of scrimmage and just clotheslined the hell out of the Quarterback.
I couldn’t stop laughing. In any case, while the press is poo-pooing it,
the majority of the fan opinion I read said they enjoyed it, so I’ll
wager that it’ll be around for a while.
Maxie’s was good as always. Wish their food was a little cheaper, but
hey, good food isn’t cheap, and cheap food isn’t good. Well, most of the
Today, I will probably get stuck in the graphics lab some more, and
hopefully my IM connection will come back up. Next weekend, I’m driving
down to Katie’s house for a little visit. Other than that, it’ll be a
hectic work week. Watch me stress out live via my webcam!
Till whenever.