All Your What Are Belong To What?

So as many of you read Memepool regularly, or talk to people who do,
you’ve probably heard the phrase “All your base are belong to us” over
the past few days. Perhaps you heard the techno song. And you’ve
probably scratched your head and said “WTF?” Let me explain –
Back in the early 90s, games that came over from Japan suffered
tremendously in the section of translation. Some games were okay, but
most games got hit somewhere – normally the manual.
One such game is Zero Wing, a happy little side-scroller shooter ala
Gradius. The Genesis version had an intro story line, which got
COMPLETELY doctored in the process. Observe the Engrish version:

As many people find broken English (aka, Engrish) funny, this got a
giggle. However, this meme was founded in the unfortunately depths of
SomethingAwful’s forums. So it got photoshopped onto a million different
images…and then someone made a techno song about it (look in
Napster)…and then there was a music video. And so the dementia
Two tidbits I can offer that no one else can – the techno song actually
contains some of the melody from the first level of Zero Wing…and
here’s what the arcade ending has to say (png format):

I hope this clears things up.