Happy New Year

Well, it’s a Saturday morning, and Katie and I are just lounging around
the house. I figured that it would be a good time to update my page for
those of you who reload my page endlessly.
Christmas was very very good, and I got the fabled CD burner. It is very
nice, and has been burning various things very well. I also got a
crapload of DVDs (Beastie Boys Criterion, Serial Experiments Lain:
Knights, Princess Mononoke), some books, some clothes, and a lot of
candy. Oh, and a Pocket Pikachu 2, who is much more technologically
advanced than Tom’s. Yeah.
With the large inflow of cash I’ve gotten as well, I have set up a
little petty cash fund and bought myself some fun stuff. Two more
DVDs(Powerpuff Girls: Down and Dirty, the new Se7en set), some remixing
software (Mixman StudioPro 4.0)…I still have $50 or so left, and I’m
trying to figure out what exactly I should do with it. Should probably
go towards the phone bill…argh, this is turning E/N.
Katie would like to add that she got a very large TV and a DVD player
for Christmas.
Tomorrow, we head down to her house for another week of fun and the
like. I will be returning January 8th, for those of you playing along at
I hope you all have had a safe, happy, and sarcastic holiday season. I
like getting email, so if you’re bored, I’d be happy to banter with you
via good old POP3/SMTP communications.
Until next year, **PARKER LEWIS CAN’T LOSE!**