Week 3 Completed

Another week, another 12 classes, another 3 problem sets. Another 21
meals, another 49 hours of sleep (approximately), another ridiculous
amount of soda consumed. Let’s get on to the important stuff:
– Guster Show! Today! 4-9PM on the Arts Quad! Free show! $1 Pizza and
Soda! Come! Meet And Greet Greeks With Cheap Eats And Local Beats! Or
– Quotefile has been updated, and is now starting to actually look like
it has some content in it. Hurrah!
– A clarification on some news from last time – I am not leaving
Utterercom. I will be working on both sites – while I know that people
have their doubts that – I won’t give into the green, I’m sure I can do
– I should have a copy of OS X, uh, soon – it looks very cool thus far.
You know where to reach me.