News Buffer Overflow

So much stuff has happened today that I feel compelled to post NOW as
opposed to LATER. Can’t you see I am serious? (Can you do any less?)
Two exciting programs going on soon on campus – Jane Goodall is here on
Friday, and Chuck D will be here on the 28th. I got tickets to Goodall,
but I will probably give them away as I have no serious vested interest
in seeing her. Chuck D is an entirely different matter.
Yet again, soliciters are pushing their wares in my face for “a good
cause” – this time, the Ithaca Rape Crisis Center. Okay, sounds
good…what are they pushing? Blow Pops. Alright…how much? 50 cents.
What the HELL is up with that? Temple of Zeus has them for 9 cents plus
tax. I don’t mind giving to charity, but I do mind getting ripped off.
And I also mind getting solicited 12+ times over two round trip walks
from home to the arts quad.
In happier news, our power was fixed today – the old circuit breaker was
a 6 Amp – so the fridge is back in, so soon we will have liquid
refreshment for all.
Finally, I must plea that if you need a hilarious song about Al Gore,
there’s only one place to go – Eddie Schmidt’s
. Please download a couple songs, I promise they’re funny.
And if not, you can hurt me.