Monday Night Blah

Well…it’s nearing midnight, and I figured it might be about time to do
one of those fun news post things. Now, do I go with the unnumbered
list, or the paragraph with boldface? Hey, how about stream of
Went home this weekend to fix the computer, played a crapload of Chrono
Cross. Fun game. Also rented the UFC game for DC this weekend, which is
fucking nuts in the way that I love fucking nuts games. Shame it has to
go back Wednesday. Too much work to do this week, mainly in the school
arena, what with the 3 problems sets and one writeup for 264, oh and the
4 prelims next week isn’t helping my demenor any. Moby tickets on sale
Wednesday at 9 am, details are below, cash or check only, none of that
Cornell card shit. Chuck D is this Thursday, still don’t have most of my
tickets accounted for, but oh well, what can you do? Freeverse site is
coming along well now that Steve and I are working in unison, I think we
may actually pull off something extremely spiffy but as long as I keep
this stream of conciousness crap gooing, typing at a ridiculously high
speed while slouched in my chair, I don’t think the site is going to get
done any faster.
Wow, that was different. Maybe I’ll do that again in the future.