Buttons Triumphs Again

A few months ago, I finally broke down and made myself a Friendster account. For much of the last year, I was only on Orkut, but the reliability of the system has sort of gone to shit – and MySpace has an ugly UI.

Little did I know, Buttons had trumped me with his social networking listing. But what else is new?


Upcoming Has Gone Straight Into Awesome

I’ve been using Andy Baio’s []( for well over a year now; it’s always been a fairly neat site, hampered only by it’s potential lack of popularity. It’s been good for finding out about upcoming concerts and the like, at the very least.

But Andy luckily got [a kick in the ass]( from Jon Udell about features that Jon would’ve liked, and Andy has stood and delivered a new version of upcoming that whips all sorts of ass.

What’s new? Well, for one, you can finally add private and self-promotional events; this means I can put *everything* I’m doing on [my profile](, rather than just the public parties. Also, [tagging]( – just like Flickr and Plus a developer’s API, a new layout, and email/SMS reminders.

If you’re in a major metropolitan area and not using, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Jump on it, folks.