Boston Strong, MLS Style

RBNY-NY Supporters' March

I don’t always get a lump in my throat at soccer games – but when I do, it’s something else.

To the Empire Supporters Club, the Midnight Riders, the Viking Army, the Rebellion, and the Garden State Ultras: good job, every last one of you. This was an unforgettable thing.

RBNY-NY Supporters' March

More about the joint supporters’ march in my match report from this weekend.

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It’s Safe To Stop Ignoring Me On Twitter

After fielding multiple complaints from multiple friends – along the lines of “Will you ever shut up about soccer?” – I have opted to split my Twitter account into soccer and non-soccer variants.

So: if you’re looking for occasional tweets of wit and whimsy from me, you can follow/re-follow/stop muting @Remy. If you instead want frequent updates about the Red Bulls/MLS/the soccer world in general, you should follow @GothamistDan.

Can’t promise I’m going to do the same on this blog, of course, but I get the feeling not a lot of people are stopping by here anymore.



Media Day Interviews

Took this at RBNY’s Media Day yesterday.

The original for this was blown out by the window, so it was practically unusable. But the profiles of Kenny Cooper and Stephen Keel felt perfect. And combined the position of the microphones and the interviewers…just couldn’t let it go to waste. So I blew it out further, and here we are.