Tweaks Up The Wazoo

Changes to note to the website:
– Dan and Kate’s Diary has been vicitimized by Natural Selection, and have been replaced by a more complete archive of concert logs. More will be coming when I have more time. Most important, of course, is the STP review, which (if you need advertising to click my links) is probably the best concert I’ve worked.
– Archives for the last 6 months are up.
– Logo at the top has changed. Note that if you don’t have CSS enabled, you’re not viewing the page I want you too. Also, if you’re using OmniWeb, it’s anti-aliasing everything, and I don’t want it doing that either.
My next month will be extremely hectic, and no, I still don’t have a job (crossing my fingers, though). My Apple CRT monitor burned out, so I’m using a replacement for now. Going to Katie’s on Friday, and she’ll be up for Slope Day a week later. Oh, and you all absolutely must see Battle Royale now.


Welcome to More & Faster 2

Alright, I’ve got my news script working, so I’m officially making this an open page, just like I did last time.

As you can tell, I’m hosting this bad boy on CSoft, a nifty little host that was suggested to me by my roommate. They’ve been great, and if you’re at all interested in an account, give me a couple days to get up referrer links so I can maybe pay for this service via this web page.

Now that I’m here, I have PHP and MySQL, so I can dynamically do everything. This is good, because now I’ll be able to post news much quicker and easier. Huzzah.

My next task is to move the quotefile to the database, although I may shift some more of my old content over first, and PHP-ize it all. Stay tuned.