It’s That Time Again

4 days till I move back to Collegetown. The 2 weeks I spent with Kate (which ended 3 days ago) didn’t seem like long enough. 6 days until classes start. 15 weeks till I’m free again. 7 months till the wedding. Spending near 40 hours this week at work.

Time is definitely wacky. I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately (in my free time) and came up with a slightly interesting concept for a web page – my new percents page. What this is, simply, is a live chart of how much of my life I’ve been doing activity x or y. It’s an interesting little experiment, and best of all, it requires almost no updating on my part.

As mentioned above, Kate and I had a nice two week visit together, and got a number of wedding things done. We are registered at William & Sonoma, and Hechts (which covers a number of other stores), we’re setting up for hotel rooms, we’ve now actually got someone to marry us…things are falling into place. Unfortunately, it can be unbelievably nervewracking for the two of us. Here’s to hoping everything turns out great.

DDR addiction continues; 21 catas down and no stopping in sight.

The Capitalistic Holiday Gift Giving Event was good to me; among my acquisitions (it’s so businesslike!) were two DVD sets (Cowboy Bebop and Twin Peaks Season 1), a new chair, some other DVDs (Following, the new Powerpuff), lots of books (Smoking Gun, Onion, Modern Humorist, the new Coupland, The New Way To Cook, etc), some GBA games (Golden Sun, Wario Land 4)…it was pretty good all in all.
I’m currently searching around feverishly for a job; if anyone has a lead for me (preferably in Maryland), please send me an email ASAP.

As far as this site goes, the movies page has been updated slightly, and the bio page has been tweaked.
Kcor stel.


2 Week Lockdown

Okay, okay. I found out today that Csoft has, in fact, compiled our web
server with PHP4, so potentially, I could spend tonight and tomorrow
hacking away to add some rudimentry session handling stuff.

However, I honestly have no effort to do this right now – Kate gets here
on Saturday, and honestly, I’d like to get in the mindset of
“girlfriend” rather than “code” (and I’m sure she would like me to not
be talking about computer issues), so I’m officially locking down my
page from now until I get back from her house on the 11th.

However, there’s a small issue of my 14 day news script, and this post
disappearing before I get back, SO the date has been set forward to
Sunday. Just lest you were wondering.

Final updates before the lock down are a couple things on the calendar,
and the last Quotefile entries of the year, including the Emily Kishel
Classic at Kayuga. Quotefile will be moving to a database format over
the summer, by the way.

See you all in 2 weeks, and feel free to drop me an email at my usual
addresses. I will be checking mail every now and then.


Welcome to More & Faster 2

Alright, I’ve got my news script working, so I’m officially making this an open page, just like I did last time.

As you can tell, I’m hosting this bad boy on CSoft, a nifty little host that was suggested to me by my roommate. They’ve been great, and if you’re at all interested in an account, give me a couple days to get up referrer links so I can maybe pay for this service via this web page.

Now that I’m here, I have PHP and MySQL, so I can dynamically do everything. This is good, because now I’ll be able to post news much quicker and easier. Huzzah.

My next task is to move the quotefile to the database, although I may shift some more of my old content over first, and PHP-ize it all. Stay tuned.