TIME interviews Dave Chappelle

It’s odd, watching the news about Dave Chappelle being in South Africa wash over the net; every day, I see another friend look disappointed as they find the news and realize the third season won’t be starting at the end of the month as Comedy Central had been advertising.

Today, Time Magazine posted an interview with the man himself, conducted this week at a Marine World down in South Africa. To compartmentalize it:

– The man is not addicted to drugs. He hasn’t smoked pot in months, only cigarettes and coffee.
– He is not undergoing an out-of-control party lifestyle (he lives in Ohio and drives a Toyota).
– He is not in a mental institution, instead he is merely visiting a friend and “taking inventory of his life”. He has consulted a psychiatrist for 40 minutes, though.
– He attributes his flight to a couple of things, including increased self-introspection and the people around him changing.
– He had only been recognized by seven people in South Africa during his time there – number 7 was during the interview. “Wow, I’m not that big in Africa. I’ve got to do an action film here.”
– Doug Herzog of Comedy Central “says he has told advertisers and staff that he believes there will be no Chappelle’s Show in 2005”, although he is open to Dave returning. “Do we still want to be in business with Dave Chappelle? Of course. Dave’s an enormous, enormous talent. We’re in the comedy business, and Dave’s a comedy genius.”

Those people with a TIME subscription can read the longer, 7 page version here. Those people without a TIME subscription might be interested in this page on bugmenot.

(Thanks to ven for the links.)