Groovemeister Sick With Flu

In the DDR world, there are few names that strike as much fear and awe as Kyle Snyder.
Today, Kyle revealed to a shocked and tearful public that he has contracted the Flu again and will be out of action for at least a week.

Apparently, the Flu that I had earlier this year came back to me recently. Last time I had the Flu, it stayed with me for over a week. Now that it’s back, I predict that it’ll take about the same time for me to get rid of it. During the time I had the Flu earlier this year, my skills in DDR were decreased. So until my Flu goes away, I won’t be able to DDR. Not to worry though, I can still play DDR at home on the controller.

Already the majority media outlets, such as Fox News, have picked up on this breaking story.
I can only hope for the good of the DDR community that The Groovemeister makes a quick and speedy recovery, so he can dazzle us with another routine at the next tournament.