Addendum Regarding DDR Article

Various responses and apologies to the previous DDR article.

I’ve been informed that a number of people on various message boards are extremely pissed off over my little rant a few days ago.
While I don’t have an ezboard account, so I can’t read what terrible insults are being slung my way, let me pre-emptively clear a few things up.
I don’t hate Take, Yasu, or Aaron. I realize that I may not have made this apparent the previous article – I have no beef with them. I think Take and Yasu are amazing at what they do, bar or not. The article was entitled “Enough Take/Yasu Wanking” because every thread over at DDRFreak about “Who’s the best in the world” or what have you turns into a Take/Yasu fan thread, and Aaron (assuming you’re reading), you yourself have said similar things about those threads over the past few weeks. I didn’t mean it as a cut, and if it was taken that way, you have my apologies.
I don’t hate people who use the bar. I have friends who use the bar. I’ve been known to use the bar on occasion. My intent was never “HEY, KIDS, IF YOU TOUCH THE BAR YOU GET HERPES”. If you want to use the bar, go ahead, please, don’t let me stop you. I don’t care if you use it the majority of the time or you don’t.
I am not trying to make myself out to be a DDR god. PLEASE, for the love of god, don’t think that. I’m okay. Not fabulous. Not wonderful. Not marvelous. I haven’t passed any of the Max’s in the arcade. I can’t AAA shit, to respond to the guy who asked me that in the comments. I know I “suck”, and if you’re going to come after me and go OMFG WHAT CAN YOU PASS TOUGH GUY, save it.
Someone made a comment to the effect of “WTF, you’re comparing Take and Yasu to some korean scrubs?” – and going back and reading, no, that wasn’t my point, and I realize that the anecdote has nothing to do with anything. I’m going to go edit it out of the post, since it has nothing to do with anything.
All I was getting at, in my standard long winded way, is that I’m tired of the community acting like all there is to the game is passing 10 footers and becoming a sweaty mess everytime you play. DDR can be fun in a way other than “turn your legs into Jello” sense.
Please, play the way you want. I’m just one bemani nerd.