Wargaming failed last summer

Someone posted a link to this in the open thread on The Agonist, and it’s a great read:
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Wake-up call
This past summer, the US military did an extremely large war game simulating the Iraqi conflict.
The retired general playing as the middle eastern country did things “unexpected” and managed to inflict $250m of damage very quickly.
Pentagon calls time out, brings the downed troops back to life, changes the rules, and claims victory when they stop even playing the moves the general is sending.
And guess what strategies were discussed?
“One way is to march straight to Baghdad, blowing up everything in your way and then by shock and awe you cause the regime to collapse,” Pike says. “That is what Rumsfeld is complaining about when he talks about unimaginative plodding. The alternative is to bypass the Iraqi forces and deliver a decisive blow.”
Keep in mind, this article is 6 months old.