Baby Sleeping Aid Says ‘I Hate You’ Subliminally
Oh man, where to start? Well, the toy is made in China –
“You know China is not friends with us,” Skelton said, speculating about the explanation for what she fears is a subliminal message hidden in the toy. “They’re trying to get back at us. What’s the best way? Teach kids when they’re young to hate. It’s scary.”
Suuuuure. Get back at us…for…uhhhhh…right.
Kids need to be taught to hate? Wouldn’t a toy that says “I hate you”, if the baby COULD understand what that means, lower the kid’s self esteem, since for some reason THEIR TOY HATES THEM?
Best part of the article, though – boldface is mine:
The Skeltons don’t plan on taking Wal-Mart up on the refund offer.
It still plays music,” said Blanche, “and if we take it back we lose our proof.”

It may allegedly be a Chinese device to “get back at us” and teach our children to hate, but it STILL PLAYS MUSIC! We’re keeping our music making toy after raising a fuss!
Somebody, put these people out of my misery.