Best. News. Ever.

So this morning, I’m reading Salon, as usual. Amy Reiter posted the Nothing Personal Reader’s Choice Awards, allowing people to be snarky towards celebrities. Some quotage from the biggest landslide category (boldface mine):
The continuously cooing celebrity couple you suspect will unceremoniously part ways in the year ahead, and what will precipitate the split:
The winner is …
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: “Ben gives the wrong answer when J.Lo asks, ‘Do these leather pants make my butt look small?'”; “She’ll dump him toward the end of 2003 to stay on pace to eclipse Liz Taylor’s record of eight marriages before her 50th birthday”; “When they’ve milked all the publicity they can from their union”; “J.Lo will discover a shoebox of love letters from Matt D. and all hell will break loose“; “They’ll last from Valentine’s Day through June. She’ll be cast in a movie with Leo DiCaprio. She will then file for divorce due to ‘unreconcilable differences.’ (Funny, sounds like what happened last year).”

Funny enough, right?
Then, Luke informed me about 5 minutes ago that the wedding has been called off.
Jennifer Lopez has called off her wedding to Ben Affleck – after a row with his best man.
The Latino singer was furious when Ben’s best friend Matt Damon tried to talk him out of it, claiming she was a “serial bride”.
J.Lo, who cancelled plans to tie the knot on St Valentine’s Day, reportedly warned Affleck: “It’s me or him.”
She told friends: “It feels like there has been three of us in this relationship.”

Between this and the weather being 50 degrees and up, this has been a fantabulous day, and it’s not even 11 AM!