Rising in the Sun (original mix)

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Rising in the Sun -original mix-

Song Information

Artist: kors k feat.Rie
BPM: 176
VJ: Masahiko Yagi & Ryota Saito (WelzAnimationStudios Co.,ltd.)
First Appeared On: AC DJ TROOPERS
Length: 2:01


Gimme your attention
Feeling you closer
Show me your devotion
You will be around

I feel you deep inside

I wanna set your body free, come with me...

I feel you deep inside

Song Connections/Remixes

  • A remix, "Rising in the Sun (Breaks Mix)", is available for purchase on KONAMI♪MUSICFULL.
  • A long version of this song is on kors k's album, Ways For Liberation.


  • This song is sung by kors k's girlfriend/fiancée Rie.
  • This song originally appeared on KONAMI MUSIC FULL as "Rising in the Sun (Breaks Mix)," and was only later brought to IIDX in its "original mix" form.

Song Production Information

Rising in the Sun (Breaks mix), the original mix, can be found at KONAMI ♪ MUSIC.

This is actually one of my favorite songs among all my songs, and I hope that you will DL it.

Following HORIZON and my second hard-core album, many comments were made to me to make a song similar to it.

And now, it gets to be included in IIDX!

Video Production Information

This is a fantastic story of a fish-shaped airship. Once upon a time, the ship was shot down and went to the brink of falling to the ground, but then found the will to jump back up and catch back up with the other ship.

The dance music genre and visual ... how to enjoy each other's style and let it take root and that is often not eternal.

Making this movie like a picture-book illustration adds personal touch and feel to this movie, which is surprising to many people's thinking UK HARDCORE does not fit into the framework of this genre of music, but resonates deeply. We feel that this IIDX video's expression will opened up new horizons for us.

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