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Song Information

Artist: Mr.T
BPM: 100-400
Genre: Techno
VJ: kjk@tksd (東京食堂)
First Appeared On: AC DistorteD
Length: 1:39



Song Connections/Remixes



  • This song is tied with Fascination MAXX for the highest tempo over the majority of the song in any beatmania IIDX game, despite the BPM change in the middle. However, the honor for highest tempo at any point goes to Y&Co. is dead or alive for its speed-up in which the tempo gradually increases to 876.
  • Rumored to have tight and/or off-sync timing windows, similar to GAMBOL, as nobody in Japan has AAA'd this song on Hyper or Another.
  • The video marks the third appearance of the digital stick man.
  • This is the only IIDX song to be a 12 on SPA to be removed from the arcade.

Song Production Information


What was I thinking, well, I started off with only the BPM.
The highest tempo the sequencing software I use now supports is 400 BPM.
Can you even make a song this fast. That's where the battle with myself began.
In the end, this song is what emerged after several days of close combat with my sequencer.
It's fast. It's dark. It's explosive. Well, you know, things have happened.
By the way, Hiroyuki gave me the song name.


When I listened to this song I got the image of someone chased by a deadline,
so I gave it the title DUE TOMORROW.

Video Production Information


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