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This page is for beatmania IIDX VJ VJ YUZ / Yuji Takahashi. For the IIDX character of the same name, see Yuz.


Staff Information

  • Name: Yuji Takahashi / VJ YUZ
  • Position: Visual/Movie Designer, 3rd - 9th styles

Biographical Information

Yuji Takahashi, better known under his BEMANI alias VJ YUZ, is one of the former members of the beatmania IIDX team's "VJ Army," creating videos to go along with each and every one of the songs in IIDX. His videos often featured art by fellow beatmania IIDX staff member GOLI. Prior to beatmania IIDX, Yuz worked on KEYBOARDMANIA as a CG designer in the first game, and later as a director in the following installments.

Credited Work


3rd style

4th style

5th style

6th style

8th style

9th style

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