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Song Information

Artist: SLAKE
BPM: 130
Genre: Death Disco
First Appeared On: AC RED
Length: 1:48



Song Connections/Remixes



  • The lyrics in this song were originally from Hypnotheque, from Guitar Freaks 6th Mix & Drummania 5th Mix.

Music Production Info

With this song I was aiming for the dark disco sound that vividly shows the Paris underground. The typical images most people associate with disco is afros and "disco fever", but isn't there a darker side of swirling desires? I don't really know myself ... *g* The breaks are kind of a rock-ish point to the song, but think of it as "fever". After all, isn't disco something that gets you in the fever?

Video Production Info

This is the very first thing I worked on for the RED production. Since I like SLAKE's songs, I was able to start work right away without too much trouble.

Don't you get the feeling of a suspicious night scene as your first impression? I had the image in mind of a neon-lit nighttime environment in mind, so I went around Hong Kong taking lots of pictures.

... wait!
He said "Paris at night", didn't he? Sorry~
It looks like I got the night part right, at least ... oh well.

Anyway ...
I didn't go to Hong Kong to take pictures because of this song. I happened to be travelling shortly before we began work, and when I came back and listened to this song, I thought, "hey, that's it!" But it looks like I was wrong ...

After that, I bled a Chinese red over the photographs, and repeated the word "TEXTURE" (as in, a graphical pattern) to create this movie.

You get great pictures from Hong Kong no matter what scenery you're in, so it's a treasure trove of photographic material. The only bad thing was probably that I didn't get to meet Jackie ... (I wonder if he's in Hollywood?)

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