Kiss me all night long

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Kiss me all night long

Song Information

Artist: NAOKI J-STYLE feat.MIU
Composition/Arrangement: NAOKI
Lyrics/Vocals: Miyuki Kunitake
BPM: 155
Length: 1:35
First Music Game Appearance: DanceManiax 2ndMIX
Other Music Game Appearances:



Ah 今夜だけは Don't you know? 
刺激的な君の瞳 感じ続けたい Fallin' in you... 

やがて訪れる朝に 崩れ堕ちていく魂が叫ぶよ 

Kiss me all night long 
今は 絶望の中で二人 
Call my name 唇を寄せて始まる Labyrinth 

Celebrate Night! 

愛を込めて We are... we are.... 

Kiss me all night long 
Call your name 重なった鼓動震えて 

Kiss me all night long 
凍る指先を絡め堕ちてく Labyrinth


Fu... Konyadake wa
Don't you know? Shigekitekina
Kimi no kanjitsudzuketai fallin' you

Yagate otozureru asa ni
Kuzure ochiteyuku tamashii ga sakebu yo

Kiss me all night long ima wa
Zetsubou no naka de futari
Call my name kuchibiru wo yosete hajimaru labyrinth

Celebrate Night!

Hashiritsudukete ikiteyuku scene
Ateno naimama ikiteyuku mean
Kokorowo tozashi nagesuteru coin
Aiwo komete... We are... We are...

Kiss me all night long ai wa
Kodoku no yami wo samayoi
Call your name kasanatta kodou furuete

Kiss me all night long itsuka
Zetsubou no naka de futari
Kooru yubisaki wo karame ochiteku labyrinth

Song Connections / Remixes


  • A partial English translation of the lyrics can be seen during the video.
  • NAOKI claims in the IIDX 5th style song commentary that Kiss me all night long is his first song with Japanese vocals, though BeForU's Dive was made around (or before) the time this song was, and DanceDanceRevolution 2ndMIX song AM-3P contained (brief) Japanese lyrics.
  • beatmania IIDX character Mika is seen in Kiss me all night long's video.
  • Kiss me all night long is the only BEMANI song sung by Miyuki Kunitake that she provided her own lyrics for.
  • From DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME to DanceDanceRevolution X, Kiss me all night long's title is capitalized as KISS ME ALL NIGHT LONG. It was changed to "Kiss me all night long" in DanceDanceRevolution X2.

Song Production Information

A "love affair" is the theme of the lyrics to this song; hiding in the darkness of midnight as your burning desire hurts. You drive off with a thrilling sense of passion, a sense of feeling burning inside of you. This is my first song with Japanese vocals in the BEMANI series, and I arranged this song in an attempt to diversify the type of songs for players to scope out.

Video Production Information


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