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11 IIDX RED - 12 HAPPY SKY - 13 DistorteD - 14 GOLD - 15 DJ TROOPERS


General Information


  • Released: August 30th, 2001
  • First CS release that allows the player to change high-speed settings on the songlist, without exiting out to the menu.
  • First release to feature Beginner Mode, allowing a user to play 1-3 star versions of all the songs on the song list. (minus unlocks)
  • First release to feature Drill Mode, giving the user a variety of short challenges in the hopes of increasing their play skill.
  • Only CS release to support the PS2 hard drive for caching game data, leading to shorter load times.
  • Last CS release with Survival Mode.
  • Total songs: 64

Song Information

Arcade Version Songs

Returning Songs

CS Original Songs

Unlock Information

  • To unlock the CS Original songs, play in Arcade Mode. One CS song will be unlocked each time you successfully complete Arcade Mode.
  • To unlock Original Course Mode, play every song once. You do not need to Clear every song, simply play each through until the end.
  • To unlock Survival Mode, get a Full Combo on an Original Expert Course.
  • To unlock Endless Mode, install a PS2 Hard Drive and then load IIDX 5th style on your PS2 as normal. Endless Mode should now be available.
  • To unlock everything, get a 634 combo on a song. You cannot use Expert Courses to achieve this.


  • Survival Mode - play every song in the game, nonstop (breaks every 5 songs). Four options available, Easy to Hard, Hard to Easy, Alphabetical and Random.
  • Endless Mode - Connecting a PS Hard Drive enables Endless Mode, similar to Survival Mode

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