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Song Information

Artist: DJ SWAN
BPM: 172
Genre: Drum'n'Bass
VJ: suzuki masahiko&kensuke saito
First Appeared On: CS DJ TROOPERS
Length: 2:02



Song Connections/Remixes

  • The song also appears on Keiichi Ueno's album, Rewind!.


  • The Another chart contains some new notes in the middle of the song. This makes the sound different from the original album version too. Due to this, the Another (and only the Another) is credited to Toshiaki Komiya & Keiichi Ueno on the song's splash screen.
  • The song was added to AC SIRIUS as an Extra Stage in the Parallel Rotation DJ TROOPERS folder.
  • This song was removed in AC Lincle. But, for unknown reason, this song was revived on April 22 under SIRIUS folder.

Song Production Information


Video Production Information

Imagining the world frozen in time, we started to create a vision of the world. We drew illustrations to fit the timing of the music, combining the mix of light and beautiful music.

I hope that you feel a sense of wonder when watching this.

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