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Not Cool, Comedy Central

On Sunday night, Katie and I went to the Paley Center panel for Broad City. We’re big fans of the show, and it was a good panel. (If you’re a fan of the show, ask me about the Hannibal anecdote.)

During the panel, Katie took a nice Instagram photo:

Katie's Photo

It was so nice, that Monday evening she noticed that Comedy Central had liked her photo. She’s taken a lot of pride in putting things on Instagram lately, as she’s been building a decent following. But then she tapped through to Comedy Central’s instagram account and saw this:

Comedy Central's Photo

A filter, a different crop, and a logo doesn’t change the fact that this is very clearly Katie’s photo – unless someone was sitting at the exact same angle and took a picture at virtually the same instance.

And I’m willing to guess that isn’t the case, because you’ll notice the link is now broken. That’s because after bringing attention to it on Twitter, Comedy Central yanked it down and replaced it with this:

Comedy Central's New Photo

Notice how quick they were here to credit the Paley Center’s photographer in this instance – just not the original.

Look – it’s 2014. Social media teams should be well aware by now that if you’re going to repurpose a photo from another user, attribution is a pretty basic courtesy. Yet not only did Comedy Central not attribute Katie’s photo, nor did they issue an apology (which is all Katie would like) – they decided to replace it entirely with someone else’s. They got caught, and rather than do the right thing, tried to erase the evidence – all the evidence except the like on Katie’s original photo. (At least, as I’m writing this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they revoke the like should someone read this post.)

I have personal experience that people within Comedy Central know how to properly respect copyright. I’m just saddened their social team thinks this is acceptable.

Five Tips Towards A Better Relationship

It’s odd; a lot of my friends have been having similar complaints about their relationships lately, whether they’re in one or trying to find one. Everything seems to be falling under five general categories, so I’d like to write some common sense tips for the world as a whole.
If a person seems interested in you, try to be at least a little charming. Don’t start your first date by telling them how many times you’re going to get her off that night, or how great you look together. Apparently this has happened to friends of mine, and that’s rather troubling. Be polite, be considerate, and be yourself. Nothing’s worse than getting going in a relationship and discovering a TOTALLY different side of a person.
No matter what stage you’re in, don’t use someone – for sex, money, power, or any combination thereof – and then dump them, claiming you aren’t interested or “it’s not you, it’s me”. No one believes that shit, and it both makes you look like an asshole AND pushes that person into depression most of the time. If you want to make yourself an asshole, great, but do you really want to burden this poor guy or girl with your guilt trip about not being good enough when you were just out for a quick screw? Even better, just don’t use them at all.
Don’t ever say something to intentionally hurt your significant other. Insults don’t get anything done, and just make people grow bitter and resentful. Positive re-enforcement is always better, will rarely lead to a fight, and once again avoid the magnificent “looking like an asshole” thing.
If you’re taking someone out, pay for them. It’s not going to kill you to occasionally treat your friends to a meal, and if you’re on a date, you should be fighting tooth and nail to pay. No one will ever fault you for wanting to pay for them, but they can fault you if you’re stingy.
Anyone else want to vent at humanity with a few suggestions?