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24 Hours Of Human Giant

It’s been a long time since I’ve been interested in something MTV is doing, but here we are.

Aziz [let the world know](http://azizisbored.com/2007_05_01_azizisbored_archive.html#3307280048934096074) a few days ago:

> Last week, MTV told us we could get 24 hours on MTV and MTV2 to do whatever we want. So this Friday at noon – we’ll take over both channels for a full day and will host live from MTV’s Times Square studio. They’re literally letting us do whatever we want – we can program whatever shows we want, have guests, bands, music videos, anything! We just have to stay up for 24 hours and get a million hits on our website.

It is, perhaps, the smartest movie MTV has made in ages. Someone deserves a raise for taking the chance on programming rather than airing another day of *My Super Sweet 16* meta-shows.

For whatever it’s worth, I am scheduled to be in the audience from 5AM Saturday morning through the end of the ordeal. That’s right, I am getting up at 3 AM so I can go sit in the MTV studio for seven hours.

If you’re up tomorrow morning, tune into MTV. Watch me squirm uncomfortably live on cable!

Otherwise, there are clips up on the [MTV Human Giant site](http://humangiant.mtv.com/).

MTV To Buy Out Harmonix

[New York Times reporting](http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/22/business/media/22mtv.html):

>MTV, the cable TV channel some critics have accused of straying too far from its musical roots, is to acquire Harmonix Music Systems, a maker of music-oriented video games, for $175 million in cash.

Harmonix, of course, are the programmers behind Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, Frequency, and Amplitude.

This is not an entirely unexpected move – MTV has had its own line of mostly-crap music games for years – but is at least odd in the sense that we now have RedOctane/Activision on one side, and Harmonix/MTV on the other.

Interesting times indeed.

Quoted For Truth

> O.k. — I know I’m way too old to be worrying about this in one sense, but in the next sense in which many of us will have to worry about this thing, I am so insanely freaked out by the insanity that is “My Super Sweet 16.” What the friggin’ fuck**??????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??** I’ve only seen it once, but the girl who failed her driver’s test but drove away in a brand new BMW said, “I know my parents spent alot, but I deserved it!” I mean — I kind of want to have kids… and I’m getting up there in years, so it’s got to happen relatively soon, but… Is home schooling the only answer? Dear god — **WE ARE FUCKED!!** I mean, whatever happened to the “Brat Pack?” Remeber when the righteous poor kids and the righteous rich kids… O.k. — “kid”… would get together and realize that the materialistic insanity of youth culture could be transcended by true love (that would, granted, probably end when they both went away to college — but for that brief, shining moment…), and Echo annd the Bunnymen brought on the Dancing Horses for **EVERYONE**? Well alright, then — I’m officially saying it: take me the fuck back!! Shit was BETTER!! **YES — I SAID IT!!** God forgive me. :(

[Ted Leo, September 12th 2005](http://tedleo.com/2/news.php?page=news)