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David Chang Producing an iPad App + Journal

New York Times, [“David Chang’s Latest: An iPad App and a Journal”](http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/25/david-changs-latest-an-ipad-app-and-a-journal/):

> Can’t get enough of the Momofuku chef, David Chang? Soon you’ll be able to carry him around with you. In late April, he plans to release Lucky Peach, a quarterly iPad app and print journal.

> “We were able to go a little deeper than we could have on TV, without being constrained by the networks,” he said. “They wanted yelling. They wanted everything but education.”

Here’s to hoping there’s some documentation of the now legendary benders with David, James Murphy, and Aziz Ansari.

(via Jonathan Greene)

Quick Thoughts – Ma Peche / Momofuku Midtown

I was overjoyed this morning to see Zach Brooks from Midtown Lunch reporting that Má Pêche (aka “Momofuku Midtown”) was serving food on the mezzanine level. (The full restaurant is not yet open.)

Being in the middle of Project Momo – where I am inadvertently visiting every Momofuku establishment in a ten day time span – I would be remiss in not going and trying out Má Pêche, even in this limited capacity.

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The sad truth: I have been caught up in the Momofuku Ko reservation madness. Madness isn’t the right word – it is closer to *fucking anarchy*. It’s akin to waiting to bum-rush a store on Black Friday, condensed to five minutes, and repeated every day *for the rest of your life*.

But I will keep trying. I will set my goofy little iPhone alarm so that I don’t look at the clock at 10:01:30 and curse that I missed the witching hour. I will autofill my login and try clicking on reservation times that other people may not try. I will sigh, day after day, as I fail to get a two-top – but I will not give up.

First world problems, indeed.