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Weekend Update

Well, it’s just past noon, and I’m killing time, so here is your weekend

The COD HS Junior Prom was last night, and I was dragged to it since my
mom didn’t want to take pictures alone. Ran into a number of people from
my grade, so I wasn’t completely screwed. Some interesting outfits, and
while I don’t quite recall who won King, Kyle Hermann won Queen. Congrats, Kyle.

Today is Gil’s birthday. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday.

I’m going freelancing at Swenson’s in an hour, and after
I’m done, I’ll be scanning a variety of pictures – some of Kate and I
from Spring Break, all the pictures from the After Slope Day party at my
house, some of Eddie Schmidt for his page, and the legendary middle
finger shot of me and Steinberg. They should all be up this evening, so
stay tuned.