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On Goodbyes At The Workplace

As you may know, I work in the education segment of the technology world. This has taught me a few things.

*One*, very few people are here for the money. We tend to be below market price for base salary, and while the difference is usually made up in fringe, many people are looking at that dollar sign for an indication of self-worth.

*Two*, very few people are in it for the prestige. Despite the idea that you are afforded more lulls (not lulz) by the concepts of winter break, or spring break, or summer vacation, you aren’t. There is a constant, overwhelming pile of work – not only to keep the lights on, but to advance the mission as well.

*Three*, because of points one and two, there are a few types of people who mesh very well into this environment. It takes a very particular mix of multitasking, self-sacrifice, persistence, optimism, and zany madcap humor to feel comfortable here. It takes a person willing to trade the spoils for the stability to stay here.

I’m proud to say I work with a handful of people who fit that description. But today, I have to see one leave – not for money, not out of frustration, but to spread her wings and travel the world for a year with her husband.

This wasn’t a surprise, per se; the employee in question was kind enough to give four months notice. But it only really hit me last week, that this constant source of balance and sanity in my workplace is going to be gone as of 5PM today. The contact won’t be gone – I still expect to be chatting endlessly over IM late at night – but the constant interaction will be.

It’s tough losing someone who’s been so valuable to your work experience. And it’s hard, in an environment you’re so used to be professional in, to realize how much certain coworkers mean to you.

Enough melancholy – Paula, it’s been a dream working with you. Thank you for everything. I am undeniably jealous of your plans, and wish you all the best. New York will be here, waiting patiently for your return.

Mark Anbinder on the MacBook Air

Mark has penned an excellent post addressing concerns about the lack of Ethernet on the MacBook Air, specifically to how it relates to the environment on the main Cornell campus.

Here’s the crux:

> It’s worth noting that most laptop users EVEN NOW aren’t bothering to plug into wired Ethernet, even when they HAVE the requisite port on their laptops. I strongly suspect we’ve already seen a large chunk of the hit on Red Rover’s capacity from the shift to wireless, and Apple is just giving in to reality by leaving out a port no one is using.

CherryPie Goes Live

People have occasionally asked me why I don’t do a Guitar Hero (or GuitarFreaks, or DDR, or any other game) score site, to match [VJ Army](http://vjarmy.com/iidx/) and [Pop’n Navy](http://www.popnnavy.com/). Long story short, I barely have enough time to keep those two sites held together – many would say I fail at that – let alone to code more sites. I’m always much happier to see other people code their own sites, and I’m generally available to share my experiences wrestling Bemani into PHP.

Thus, I’m happy to note that [Yanik “Sakurina” Magnan](http://sakurina.vox.com/) has just opened his Guitar Hero score site, [CherryPie](http://r-ch.net/gh/). It certainly shares a great deal of functionality with VJA/PNN, so if you’re familiar with my sites, this may be the GH score tracker for you.

SIAS Invades Union Hall

“Sexual Intercourse: American Style” failed to tie “Gemberling’s” record for “longest-running [Channel 102] show,” but it set another: “longest-running show to never reach #1.” And perhaps nothing sums up “SIAS” better than that. It was a niche show, with a core of devoted followers who kept it going for a long time, but it lacked the mass appeal to catapult it into “Shutterbugs” territory. But sometimes, that’s what characterizes true art. And “Sexual Intercourse: American Style” is art.

Mitch Magee’s brilliant Sexual Intercourse: American Style played out over seven Channel 102 screenings, from April of 2006 to January of 2007. Starting off with a light-hearted tone, SIAS quickly veered into uncharted waters around episode 3. It was sublime.

But then, tragedy struck. With every intention to self-cancel at the eighth episode, SIAS was resoundingly canceled by the largest crowd that Channel 102 had ever seen. Many of them were drunk.

This Thursday night, this blight on humanity will be corrected. The finale of SIAS will finally happen.

This Thursday
Union Hall
Park Slope, Brooklyn
9:00 (plus another show at 10:00)
702 Union Street @5th Avenue

All seven episodes will be screened, followed by the epic finale. I hope you’ll be there.

If you can’t make it, you can always watch the seven original episodes on the 102 site.

That’s So Nidhi

Nidhi and Rajiv

The Kiss

Joyous Onlookers

The Quarry


This weekend featured a quick jaunt to the New Zealand Embassy to the United States.

This may sound odd, and indeed, it was. To be honest, it’s not the sort of place I would normally expect to find myself. But I have come to expect the unexpected from [Nidhi Kalra](http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~nidhi/), fellow Cornell alum and close friend, who was married to Dave Ferguson (son of New Zealand Ambassador Roy Ferguson) last night. The ceremony was a combination Christian/Hindu wedding.

This was the fifth wedding involving people from my house from my final year at Cornell; this pushes us to the 50% married point. Another two will be married this August.

All the best to Dave and Nidhi.

**[Photos: Dave & Nidhi’s Wedding](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/sets/72157600156846074/)**

I Dig Big Pig Gig

There are a handful of events in life that are so enjoyable, you can only write about it in the hopes that everyone else will get a chance to try it. This was one of those events.

Mid Big Pig Gig

Friday night, we took part in the [Big Pig Gig](http://www.daisymaysbbq.com/bigpig.html) at Daisy May’s BBQ. [Tien](http://www.tienmao.com/) was the organizer and ringleader; the crowd was predominantly *bloggy*.

The meal we had ordered consisted of both the whole pig as well as a whole pork butt, six sides, texas toast, and watermelon. Even with eighteen people there, this was a lot of food. No one left in a state resembling “hungry”.

As for the food: If you enjoy barbecue, you must do this at least once in your life. Hand-pulling the steaming hot meat right off the pig – dredging it in sea salt or a mustard-based sauce, or just downing it straight – is satisfying in ways I didn’t think was possible. (Unfortunately, the skin was absurdly chewy. Despite its deliciousness, it’s requires a little too much effort to eat.) The sides were heavenly: baked beans that almost resembled a chili, given the amount of pork; perfect mashed potatoes; a deliciously zingy coleslaw.

I recommend sitting close to the pig, as I had the chance to do – it’s quite pleasant to randomly pick off pieces of meat from different areas. Meg kept exclaiming “Ooh, there’s more meat *here*!” from the opposite side, so I am not alone in the excitement of pork discovery.

Daisy May’s does, of course, have a [regular menu](http://www.daisymaysbbq.com/menus.html) too, so don’t think you have to show up and just get a giant pig. I will have to test their promises of delivering to anywhere in Manhattan one of these days.

From others that were there:

* Jake’s got [pictures.](http://www.flickr.com/photos/gothamistllc/sets/72157594316162153/)
* Tien’s got [pictures](http://www.flickr.com/photos/tienmao/sets/72157594319662203/) as well as a [post](http://www.tienmao.com/archives/002271.html).
* Jen’s got [pictures.](http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenchung/tags/bigpiggig/)