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Adventure Time on Flickr

Finn & Jake Fist Bump - Close-up
I have become a huge fan of Pendelton Ward’s amazing animated series “Adventure Time”. Beautifully animated, slightly off-kilter, and always funny – a trifecta of television for me. 8PM Monday nights on Cartoon Network; also available on iTunes.
One of the side reasons I love Adventure Time: Fred Seibert has been uploading practically every scrap of production art from Adventure Time to his Flickr account. Character sheets, backgrounds, animatics, advertising materials, title cards, staff photos, props, even random bits of story notes. It’s tagged, organized, and available under a Creative Commons license.
You should really plow through everything there – it’s fascinating to see this much material available as a show is being created. Here’s some of my favorites:
"What is Life?" Title Card
Adventure Time Treehouse - Bedroom
"Prisoners of Love" Background

Six Things I Discovered From Flickr Stats

Today, Flickr started offering statistics for Pro members; those of you with Pro Accounts can turn it on immediately.
I turned it on this afternoon, and now that all my stats are loaded, some of the many oddities of my Flickr photostream have been explained.

  1. The #1 search referral from Google’s traditional search to my Flickr photos is “my pokemons let me show you them“, of which at press time I am ranked #2. Oddly, I do not have similar ranking for the ‘correctly’ spelled “my pokemans let me show you them”.
  2. On the other hand, the #1 search referral from Google Image Search is for “jamie bell“. This is amusing because people are presumably searching for the actor from Billy Elliot/King Kong, and not the bassist for The Go! Team. (“pokemans” is #2, for whatever that’s worth.)
  3. None of my 2,665 photos are untagged.
  4. One of my photos has never been viewed. I’m unable to figure out which one.
  5. I am the #1 search result on Yahoo for “new haircut“. I never before understood why it had so many views, but now it makes sense, I suppose.
  6. My dismissive photo of a Mr. Six sign, taken at Six Flags Great Adventure, is the primary photo for the Wikipedia entry for Mr. Six. I feel used and slightly disgusted.

Social Network De-evolution

The first social network to rise to any degree of prominence was [Friendster](http://www.friendster.com/). Friendster allows you to punch in a bunch of your interests, link to other friends, pull in your blog posts, share photos, etc.

Then came [Orkut](http://www.orkut.com). Orkut grew quickly because of it’s exclusive “you have to be invited in” rules, but then quickly burned out as everyone went to [MySpace](http://www.myspace.com/). MySpace was – and is – ugly as sin, horribly non-functional, and generally is a contradiction of all that had gone to move the web forward since its inception. This, somehow, made it immensely popular.

Since MySpace has become the unstoppable force in the “this is all of who I am” space, recent social networks have forced you to specialize. Music users can plug in to [lastfm](http://last.fm) or [iLike](http://www.ilike.com]; people looking for business connections can network on [LinkedIn](http://www.linkedin.com/). [Flickr](http://www.flickr.com/) can act as a glorified social network for photographers. And so on.

Meanwhile, activity-based social networks sprang up. [Dodgeball](http://www.dodgeball.com/) broadcasts your location to your friends. [Upcoming](http://www.upcoming.org/) lets you plan events – Evite on steroids.

The many splinter social networks are interesting, because each one limits your scope. I can’t find my friends who aren’t into digital photography on Flickr. I’m not going to link up with people outside of NYC on Dodgeball. Each network becomes more insular, more specialized.

And so now we reach [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/). Twitter is, as best I can tell, the exact reverse of the original sorts of social networks – your profile is meager, your interests unimportant. Twitter allows you to bomb your friends with updates about what you’re doing in 145 character or less – like Dodgeball, only without the locations. Or neighborhood detection.

I’ve been using it a bit more today after signing up last month – and while Twitterific is a nice client, I’m still trying to get the appeal. It’s certainly an interesting sort of party-line chat that doesn’t require you to be constantly signed in, but there’s something I’m not quite catching. Maybe it’s because after two years on Dodgeball, I know that most people aren’t using the chat functions.

My profiles for all the sites mentioned above: [Friendster](http://www.friendster.com/dandickinson) – [MySpace](http://myspace.com/remydwd) – [last.fm](http://last.fm/user/remydwd) – [iLike](http://ilike.com/user/Dan_D2) – [LinkedIn](http://www.linkedin.com/in/remydwd) � [Flickr](http://flickr.com/people/remydwd) � [Dodgeball](http://www.dodgeball.com/user?uid=16789) � [Upcoming](http://upcoming.org/user/384/) � [Twitter](http://twitter.com/Remy)

Dickinson’s Flickr Hypotheses

I would like to propose the following hypotheses:

1. Any photo uploaded to Flickr will fall within the guidelines of at least one Flickr group.
2. As time increases from 1 to n, the odds of a comment being posted asking the owner of any reasonably interesting photo to be added to at least one of said groups increases to 1-(1/n).

Some of the comments I have received supporting these hypotheses:

* [Invite to a group of only cats sniffing flowers](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/99883396/#comment72157594178677675) – picture of Buttons in roses.
* [Invite to Photo Rights Mobilization group](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/17635876/#comment72157594163582727) – picture of sign at WWDC with passing mention to wanting to avoid being bothered by security.
* [Invite to Interestingness group](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/76276012/#comment20887287) – picture one of my “most interesting” according to Flickr.
* [Invite to “The Continuum”](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/76276012/#comment20906993) – same picture as previous comment.
* [Invite to group about British Comedies](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/3049639/#comment621314) – picture of me with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
* [Invite to group involving “beautiful light”](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/18800141/#comment8362074) – picture taken out window of an airplane.


Yes, I did make it home last night; I just hurt tremendously after the fact. My previously pained foot was in serious pain for the entire evening. In total, I walked a little over nine miles.

I won’t lie, I was debating the merit of walking that far for most of the night. That much pain brings everything you did back into question, even if you did get a nice workout and connected on a new level with the city in which you live. This morning, the confirmation was there.

8:49 AM - Crammed Tram

The picture of the tram from yesterday, thanks in part to a Gothamist post (check the comment from a girl who was in the picture!), is one of the most “interesting” pictures on Flickr for the day. As of my posting this, it’s received 1456 views (previous best: 1323), 26 comments (previous best: 12), 41 people calling it a favorite (previous best: 9), and I’ve received 7 people add me as a contact in the last day.

I post this not to boast but because I find it surreal. I know everyone has gushed over the photo, but…I don’t know, I’m missing something. I certainly like that it came out so crisply, and I like the way the water looks, and I enjoy that I centered it pretty well, but it’s missing that something that catches my eye when it comes to photos. All of this said, art is always subjective, and I by no means don’t want people to enjoy the picture. (It’s Creative Commons licensed, so feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes so long as you attribute it to me. If you’d like to use it commercially, please drop me an email.)

For the sake of a full explanation: the picture was taken while on the Queensboro bridge, on the north side walkway. There are a number of sections of the walkway that have no fencing up; I just happened to be going by one of these sections as the tram was coming up. The photo is unretouched – no cropping, no level tweaking. It was taken with my much derided Cybershot DSC-T7.

I did get one gripe from a friend about how he wished it would’ve been taken with a DSLR; perhaps after Sunday. (cue minor chord!)


On a personal note, I’m in Maryland until Monday for the holiday. I won’t be terribly responsive on AIM, or via any other channel you may be trying to contact me. Email is a safe bet, though. Happy whatever you’re celebrating, all!

Yahoo Invokes Godwin’s Law, Loses Argument

Wikipedia: Godwin’s Law

> Godwin’s law (also Godwin’s rule of Nazi analogies) is an adage in Internet culture that was originated by Mike Godwin in 1990. The law states that:

> *As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.*

> Although the law does not specifically mention it, there is a tradition in many Usenet newsgroups that once such a comparison is made, the thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwin’s law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on thread length in those groups.

“[Mail Guy’s plaque](http://www.flickr.com/photos/kentbrew/60225256/)”, posted to Flickr by kentbrew:

I think this might be the first time a corporate war has semi-invoked Godwin. Let us never forget.

New Flickr Group: Gaming Life

Detex Watchclock Station

Twenty years of gaming does things to you. Scary things – like forcing your attention to notice keys dangling off of buildings. It’s disturbing to have that gut feeling, the one where you just know you’re going to find your progress blocked and you’ll need that key to get to the next section of…whatever.

Yes, it’s true, I see a lot of the gaming world reflected in the real world. Enough to create a sort of open ended Flickr group entitled Gaming Life. I encourage those of you who see the world in the same way to join.

One Step Away From Perfect Convergence

You know that feeling – when you’re so close to finishing off a hack you can taste it, but you’re one small step away? I’m there right now.

As could be expected from my post on Wednesday, I’m still monkeying around with the PSP 2.0 firmware – which apparently Sony has [advised people not to install on their US PSPs](http://psp.ign.com/articles/637/637582p1.html) until they officially release it.

Over the last year and a half – the length of time I’ve owned a Sidekick – I’ve found a lot of useful mobile sites. [Bloglines Mobile](http://www.bloglines.com/mobile) has been a boon for feed reading, and as of late, [Flickr Mobile](http://www.flickr.com/mob) has provided mobile photo viewing. And sure enough, both load plenty quick on the PSP. I was digging through my friends’ photos – always a fun activity – when I noticed a little button I had never pushed before. One I had wanted to push on my Sidekick, but it just didn’t work. Like Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, I had wanted to push this button for so long but I never had reason to.

The button is labeled “UPLOAD”.

I click through, and there’s a little button to pick a file. I click it, incredulously. Sure enough, up pops a pane to let me pick a file – either out of `/PSP/COMMON` or `/PSP/PHOTOS/`. Having only my wallpaper in the Photos folder, I select it. I click Submit. A few seconds later, [it’s on my Flickr account](http://www.flickr.com/photos/remydwd/29582525/).

Immediately, my brain races – my camera also uses Memory Stick Pro Duo media. The PSP will show you photos off of it, natively – it knows where to look on the stick. Could it be possible that I could upload to Flickr from my PSP directly off my camera’s memory card?
Sadly, the answer – at least for right now – is no. Those two folders available for upload are the only two, even if you have a memory stick with a properly formatted Sony camera directory. There is no easy way, just using the PSP, to copy your photos into the `/PSP/PICTURES` folder.

For now, my dreams are dashed, but I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe someone from Sony will see this and add a feature in 2.0.1 to allow us to pick files from the root of the Memory Stick, rather than restricting us to just a few folders.

The Very Best Of: Stick Figures In Peril

What a Croc

What a Croc, originally posted by courtneyp

There’s a Flickr group that, more than any other, cracks me horribly – Stick Figures In Peril. Taking the best examples from around the world of innocent stick figures ravaged by the dangers of society, SFIP is the most fun you’re legally allowed to have with stick figures.
Besides courtneyp’s excellent photo above (repeat: it’s not mine), here are some other worthwhile shots from the pool:

Travel John
Moving Gate Can Cause Serious Injury Or Death
Stick Figures – concussion
Setting fire to your legs is generally a bad idea
Watch Your Head
Caution: Low Flying Dogs
Modern Dance
Never Leave Baby Unattended