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Gorillaz Q&A

Today, I burned my last two personal hours for the fiscal year on joining the crowd of fans at the Union Square Virgin Megastore to see the Gorillaz – or at least Damon Alburn, Jamie Hewitt, and DJ Danger Mouse – give a very quick (and slightly bizarre) interview. I then promptly had my special edition of the album signed, grabbed my 7″ picture disk bonus for buying the album from Virgin, and bounced back onto the subway.

I must give tons of credit to the Virgin Megastore for completely botching nearly everything, from the horrible crowd setup to the lack of a line for the signing to such minutae as “not being able to hear most of the answers”. That said, it was still reasonably fun.
Below are the questions as I jotted them down as fast as I could; Damon answered most of the questions, but passed the mic when necessary. I apologize for factual or typographical errors; these should not be taken as exact quotes for your safety.

**Regular Interview**

*What’s the best part of being a 2D outfit?*

Everything is fake anyhow, so they can be *really* fake.

*What made you take this album in a darker direction?*

They made the last one in 2000, and made this one in 2005.

*How did you get in an iPod ad?*

Damon can’t really speak to the business side of it, but he feels the iPod promotes something (didn’t catch exactly what he said) that shares the spirit of the band.

*Any word on a new tour?*

They’d like to do one, but there are no plans yet. They’re very expensive tours, and theydon’t want to do the exact same thing as last time to show the band, so they’re still thinking about how to go about it this time.

*What were you listening to while you worked on Demon Days?*

Danger Mouse listened to spaghetti westerns, old psychedelic albums and the like; Damon wasn’t listening to anything, as he finds it difficult to listen to someone else and create his own work at the same time.

*How is Search For A Star going?*

It’s going well; they are moving into closing stages, and have found some very strange talent. The winner will come and work with them as a new Gorillaz collaborator.

*Are there any other bands you’d like to see get a cartoon makeover?*

“All of them.”

*Is there another Gorillaz project in the pipeline?*

Yes, something very different, which involves kung fu.

*What’s the first record each of you bought with your own money?*

Damon says Combat Rock, Jamie admits to the theme from Ghostbusters (to many cheers), and Danger Mouse claims some iron maiden record, although he can’t recall which one.

*What’s the first concert you went to?*

Danger Mouse says he didn’t go to concerts as a kid, so the first real concert would be The Roots. Jamie can’t remember, and Damon cops to Nick Kershel.

**Fan Questions**

(The first question is posed by an obnoxious super fan who makes everyone in the crowd groan.)

*This is a three part question for 2D – did Noodle teach the rest of the band any Japanese curse words? What is it about Clint Eastwood that makes 2D’s day? And is 2D a geek in zombie clothing?*

No, he has interesting politics, and yes.

*Where did the fashion sense and design for the band come from?*

Jamie’s local supermarket, and Tokyo.

*Are we the last living souls?*

“Let’s hope not.”

*What happened to Rocket?*

Rocket was only supposed to be a little cheap free thing on the website, never meant to be a real song.

*The tour last time had different rappers than the album did; will the live tracks be released?*

The band has so many collaborators, it’s difficult to release everything, so probably not.

*Which band member is responsible for the Left Hand Suzuki Method?*

Damon is left handed, which sort of balances out the awesomeness of the Suzuki method.

*Will there be another version of Demon Days, as Laika Come Home was for the first album?*

Yes, it will be a pure R&B album, they hope to have Beyonce singing Last Living Souls. (Big laugh.)

*What were your outside inspirations while making the album?*

“Films. People. Mushrooms.”

*Have you ever done drugs?*

“No. What a stupid question.”

*Who’s idea was it to do a song in 5/4?*

Damon, as he felt is was a much maligned time signature.

*To Danger Mouse: After The Grey Album, how does it feel to be working on a project like this?*

“Well, as long as it sells 10 million copies, I’m in the clear.”

*What about a new Blur album?*


*Who are Jamie’s comic inspirations?*

“Chuck Jones, mostly.”

*What was the motivation for the last two songs on Demon Days?*

“We felt that after going into hell near the end, the album needed some sort of a happy ending.”

Nintendo World Launch

Today was the much ballyhooed Nintendo World launch, christening Nintendo’s new retails store in what used to be the Pokemon Center. For those not in NYC who are dying to see what it looks like, I took a boatload of cameraphone shots, and you can view them at:

My thoughts? Utter, bitter disappointment.

– There’s nothing game-wise that’s unique to the store. The only merchandise you can’t find elsewhere is some Nintendo-branded clothing.
– The prices are exactly the same as any other retail outlet.
– The historical items are sort of neat but a very small section of the store.
– There’s tons of empty space; the space that is used is cramped, leading to bad people flow.
– There are portions of the store that are just devoted to playing promotional movies, rather than pushing product. I am not joking when I say the Apple Store in Soho has more product on the shelves than this store does.
– Most of all, the store lacks personality. Whether you love or hate Pokemon, when you went into the Pokemon Center, the store had energy laying somewhere between cute and obsessive. It was always fun to go in there and giggle, if nothing else. The Nintendo store is without any sort of feeling, just existing and nothing more. It does not feel like there’s anything related to fun or gaming occurring here. Toys R Us in Times Square is more fun, and the Toys R Us gaming section *blows*.

On the up shot, it was nice to see Herbie and John, so it wasn’t a wasted day. But steer clear of the Nintendo Store – there’s no spectacle, no enthusiasm, no feeling.

L’appel Telephonique Sauvage

L'appel Telephonique Sauvage
A One Act Play
Based On True Events
By Dan Dickinson
DAN DICKINSON sits at his desk.  His computer is 
playing "Narcolepsy" by Ben Folds.  His wife, 
KATIE DICKINSON, is sitting on the couch typing 
into her laptop.
DAN DICKINSON Hmm, wonder who that could be.
DAN mutes his music and walks over to the phone, picking it up in his right hand.
There is a SHORT PAUSE, followed by a click.
MALE VOICE ON PHONE (background noise indicates some sort of call center) Hello?
DAN is visibly irritated, knowing this is a cold call.
DAN DICKINSON (irritated) Yes?
DAN DICKINSON (somewhat surprised they used just a nickname) Yes?
MALE VOICE ON PHONE (jovial) How's it going? This is Pam from Girls' Gone Wild...
DAN DICKINSON *(V.O., representing internal monologue)* What the FUCK?
MALE VOICE NAMED PAM (still jovial) We're conducting a short phone survey and...
DAN DICKINSON (strongly) Could you PLEASE put me on your "Do Not Call" list?
DAN hangs up the phone, then stares at it, baffled. CURTAIN FALLS. END.

I wish I had the wit, comedic timing, and tape recorder of Eugene Mirman – I can only imagine how much unbridled hilarity could have been in store.

(If you liked this one, be sure to read my other life-is-surreal play, The Market Of Boston.)

24: The Most Ludicrous 60 Minutes On Television


So I just got finished watching what I was promised to be the MOST SHOCKING EPISODE OF 24 EVER. Let’s disregard the fact that it was easy enough to call the SHOCKING TWIST three episodes ago. I’d rather focus on what is now the chain of terrorist events for the entire season.

– The season started with them knocking over a train and killing a guy to get a suitcase with the McGuffin. God forbid they just kill the ONE GUY, let’s knock over the whole fucking train.
– The terrorists then kidnap the Secretary of Defense and his daughter. With a god damn ROCKET LAUNCHER.
– The kidnapping is justified as a trial and potential execution of the Secretary Of Defense.
– The execution a front to do a webcast that’ll generate a lot of internet traffic. HOW EVIL.
– They need the internet traffic so that they can somehow break through the firewalls of nuclear reactors worldwide. Because EVERY FUCKING NUCLEAR REACTOR IN THE US IS HOOKED UP TO THE INTERNET SOMEHOW.
– They then use the McGuffin to start the reactors melting down.
– CTU manages to stop the meltdown for most of the reactors, but this is irrelevant because the meltdowns were merely an excuse to keep the president in the air, I guess.
– They use the new mystery character to steal a GOD DAMN STEALTH BOMBER. This is apparently EASY AS SHIT.
– If you can’t figure out by now where the show is telegraphing the shocking twist to be – given the languid shots of Air Force One in the air, and the GOD DAMN STEALTH BOMBER in the air – I don’t know what to tell you. Other than that he FIRES A FUCKING MISSILE AT AIR FORCE ONE and it apparently HITS AN ESCORT PLANE AND DAMAGES AIR FORCE ONE.

You would think that would be it, wouldn’t you? After at least four separate terrorist actions (train derailing, kidnapping and planned televised execution of government official, nuclear reactor meltdown, hijacking a GOD DAMN STEALTH BOMBER to shoot down Air Force One), at least one of these goals would have satisfied the terrorists, right?

WRONG. Watch the preview for next week! They just wanted the GOD DAMN NUCLEAR FOOTBALL. Probably so they can launch nukes. As a diversion! So they send a Terminator into the past so they can kill Jack Bauer’s mother!

If this main plot thread wasn’t bad enough, look at all the other ridiculous plot points that we’ve gone through in sixteen episodes:

– Jack hijacks a convenience store, for absolutely no good reason!
– Erin Driscol’s CARAAAAAAAAAZY DAUGHTER who kills herself for no discernible reason – except maybe to protest the inept staff at CTU who let her get away with it!
– McGuffin Industries detonates an EMP! No one prosecutes!
– Chloe gets fired despite being right about what she got fired for, and later rehired, for no good reason other than that everyone keeps getting fired.
– Aisha Taylor is THE MOLE. Because for some reason, every year CTU gets compromised by someone who’s working for the enemy.
– Behrooz’s girlfriend gets whacked.
– Hell, the entire TerrorFamily thread ended up being SO WORTHLESS. They all died. They all did very little other than scream at each other.
– A team of mercenaries is sent in to take out Jack, Paul, and two FINE UPSTANDING MINORITIES. Team Bauer wins!
– They torture Heller’s son. This turns out to be worthless. AWESOME.
– Jack and Tony track down the evil guy about to get on the helicopter when…HE’S SHOT BY A SNIPER. I think there’s one sniper that follows every evil character around and waits for the moment they get captured so they can take the standard 24 bullet-to-the-head.

Hey, maybe Fox can cancel [the best show on television]( and hit a magnificent double – ruining two shows in one season!

The Great Disconnect

Some of you might’ve noticed I wasn’t exactly online this weekend. Despite my great zeal in retelling the trials and tribulations I’ve been through, let’s just say Time Warner is fixing it tomorrow morning.

Without cable TV or cable modem, we’ve been forced to (gasp) leave the house more. Saturday we took the Steinway bus down to see a matinée, and then decided to walk back up Steinway, partaking in great sights like The House Of Baby and the dog on the kid’s ride.

Sunday we did a lot of walking around the neighborhood – up, down, and all around. Strange sights were still quite common. While wandering into a greek shopping plaza to hit a grocery store Katie had seen from the subway, we discovered a Greek bakery, far better than most of the ones we’ve been to, called Artopolis. We picked up some goodies, including a raspberry tart I devoured last night – simply superb. I look forward to heading back there again and again.

We also did our semi-annual video game purge, where we trade back all the games we’ve grown tired of and apply the credit towards new bits of gaming goodness. Making this purge particularly unique is that we traded back one of our DSes. Sorry, Nintendo – the drought of games makes it really unnecessary to own two (let alone one). The credit went towards the one-two difficulty punch of Devil May Cry 3 (for Katie) and Gran Turismo 4 (for me), with enough credit banked away to grab a couple more games in the future.

As much as I enjoy meandering around Astoria, even with the improving weather – I’d really like to get back online from home. *shakes fist at Time Warner*

Five Minutes And Ten Dollars Fix Fourteen Years Of Hell

I’m going to warn you now – this story is personal and a little gross in parts. But it’s been a part of my life for long enough, I figured it was worth sharing.

While I’ve been alive, I’ve been pretty blessed – no broken bones. No major illnesses. No organs removed. No cavities, last time I checked. I have consistently had a clean bill of health; even my blood pressure is on the low side.

But I have had two very small, very strange problems. One is that a couple times a year, my hands would get very peel-y, and it’s kind of gross. We used to joke in high school that this was caused by typing too fast. I’m happy to say this has gone away in recent years – this story is not about that problem.

The other problem was that from the age of about 10, I was very susceptible to nosebleeds. I think I was getting them about once a month, if not more.

Not from like getting hit in the nose or anything, but just from random other stuff – sneezing. Blowing my nose. Standing. Walking. Anything.

As the legendary story goes, when I was 13, I had two nosebleeds that were particularly bad – so quick that they filled my sinus cavity and the blood then began to very slowly come out of my tear ducts, turning my vision red. That really freaked the crap out of the school nurse – but it was a freak occasion and hasn’t happened since.

In any case, when I was 19, and a sophomore in college, I had one start one day that didn’t stop. It was a real slow bleed, but all the tricks and tactics I had learned over the years for handling them just would not stop it, even when I hit what my body knew was a stopping point.

I went to my doctor, and he gave me two options: go to an ENT specialist the next day, or go to the ER now. I opted for the ER. You get tired of this shit after a while.

Got to the ER, the doctor explained they were going to cauterize my nose. Not nearly as thrilling as it sounds, it’s essentially a Q-tip being stuck up your nose and the substance on the end being rubbed on the affected area, toughening up the tissue. There’s a real quick burning sensation, but other than that it’s painless.

Now, that day I had the left nostril cauterized, which my memory recalls as being the majority problem nostril. From that point on, for about 3 years, I didn’t have another nosebleed. Not a one.

But then, I started to get them out of my right nostril, on rare occasion – on days with sharp weather changes. Then eventually they started on days with sharp humidity changes. Last week, I had *two* in the same week. One was while I was at lunch with Katie when it was really warm; the other was at work because I was going under my desk, then above, then below repeatedly and I guess the elevation change just screwed things up.

Realizing full well that I work in a hospital (or at least, a college connected to a hospital) and that I have medical insurance, I immediately found an ENT specialist and made an appointment for Wednesday this week. The hope was that they’d be able to cauterize the thing, although my impression was I had to be bleeding for it to happen.

On my way up to the doctor’s, I realized this was my first real doctor’s visit of any kind in about 5 years – more or less, since the last nosebleed. I get there, I fill out my paperwork, I wait patiently even though they told me the doctor I was seeing (Dr. Carew, who is primarily a head and neck surgeon, I found out) was in surgery and would be running late, and then got sat in an examination room and asked a few questions.

So eventually the doctor comes in, and the conversation goes like this

Minute 1: Explain what the problems are
Minute 2: He examines my nose and ears
Minute 3: He examines deep in my nose to make sure there’s no major problems
Minute 4: He cauterizes my right nostril
Minute 5: He gives me some general instructions about what’s going to happen and not to itch my nose too much for 24 hours

And that’s it – suddenly I am making my co-payment and out the door, heading back to my desk.

It’s really sad that a lifetime of irritation, strange looks, and ruined shirts can be fixed in 5 minutes for $10. Wish I had known that sooner, though.

Review: V-Rare 5

This is the musical review of the CD that comes with MAX2JP. Standard 1-100 scale. (50 is average, 60 means it ends up on my main playlist, over 80 means it ends up on my “really good” playlist.) Reviews are written while I’m listening to the song.

Kind Lady (Long Edit)

Kind Lady has always been one of those songs that feels like it COULD be good but never actually IS. This mix – which essentially combines the Rough Instrumental Interlude from V-Rare 1 and the original and then extends the hell out of it – finally makes it feel complete. Even with the weird breakdown near the end, it feels complete enough to get a 62/100 from me.

Do It Right (Harmonized 2Step Mix Long)

This game-length version sort of warmed me up to the song in general, but didn’t do as much for me as the 80’s Electro mix. This version…it takes a minute and a half to get to anything resembling “2step”. I’m unfortunately getting burned out on the lyrics, since no one seems to have the decency to even cut-and-paste it in a different order like they did for Burnin’ The Floor. I could live without this. 48/100.

Look To The Sky (Extended Trance Mix)

Nearly 6 minutes of the Oni course mix from MAX2CS. I forget who said it (probably Reo), but if they had left the vocals out, this would be PERFECT. Like, I love the non-vocal parts, but as soon as “Anna” comes in, I cringe – partially Kyle Snyder’s fault. Squeaks by with a 60/100.

Feelings Won’t Fade (Extended Trance Mix)

And this is entirely new. And holy crap, it’s almost like exactly what I was asking for last time. System SF trance, only without any vocals! Woo! (Edit: I realized where this is from – this is the end credit music from MAX2CS. Still, it rocks.) 70/100.

Kind Lady (Future Trance Mix)

And while we’re in the trance section, let’s see how this works out. Apparently Konami wants Kind Lady to be the new overplayed song of the decade. This sounds more like the intro to Jump by Van Halen than Trance…oh there we go. Ooh, crazy vocal loopage…and wow. It doesn’t feel like a perfect fit, but it works really well. Okay, well, this little breakdown is meh…ooh, but back to the good stuff. It gets a little electro here and there. My one complaint is that the refrain hits with minimal build a couple of times – but the one right at the end is solid. 82/100.

Midnite Blaze (SySF Mix)

And this will be a really tough sell because I HATE Midnite Blaze. Harder than the rest of the trance we’ve heard thus far. The rap part vocals are put through some filter, and again we’re going more towards electro than Trance. It’s a little uneven, but it’s good enough for science. 60/100.

Glacial (Radio Edit)

Hey, welcome to Diversionville! Population, Riyu! And, uh, wait, this is Hyper Eurobeat in Japanese. It works a little better than the KILL ME NOW do-over that Dive Into The Night turned into. Outside of Riyu, Naoki sounds like he’s having an indentity crisis. Apparently he got bored of just doing Eurobeat, so now he’s merging BeForU Breakdown-style guitars with the “thoughtful piano” from the Naoki Underground stuff. But then we start getting everything all at once, and it’s just a mess. Decent, but not good enough to make the rotation – 55/100.

i feel…(New Age Hope Mix)

They weren’t kidding about the New Age part. Okay, so V-Rare 1 ended with the piano version of Memories, where Paula Terry proved she could actually do alright without The Hyper Eurobeat Machine behind her. This is some piano and the “I FeeeEEEEEEEllllll iiiiittttt” vocal bit over it and overlayed on itself a bit. Again, Kyle Snyder ruined this for me, but Kyle cannot entirely be blamed, because this sucks. 41/100.

Overall consensus: Good enough!

Dancemania Ex 2

To those who don’t know – EMI Toshiba in Japan likes to release dance compilations called Dancemania. These are notable because of an agreement with Konami, which makes these the licensed tracks that tend to appear on Bemani games. Dancemania Ex 2 is the 26th album in the “main” series, which tends to be fairly standard dance music. Other lines include Speed (which are all overly fast), Bass (now discontinued, almost all booty-bass songs), and a few other smaller lines. Today, I shall be reviewing Ex2.

Listening to each track, one at a time, rating on the standard 1-100 MP3 rating scale. For those who don’t know, I tend to average a rating of 40/100 across all my MP3s. Anything equal to or over 60/100 gets automatic inclusion on my usual playlist.

Captain Jack / Centerfold (130 BPM Move It Remix)

Oh lord, this is a bad start to the album. Isn’t this John Melloncamp? No, in fact, it’s the J. Geils Band. Talking about 80s trash – you want to know how ridiculous they looked?

Am I honestly listening to a CJ cover of a song I hated to begin with? I mean, some of the stupid CJ covers work – Iko Iko was okay – but this is just ridiculously bad. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing redeeming about this song. And that picture made it even worse. 1/100

Creamy / Never Ending Story (Manhattan Clique Extended Remix)

Creamy, of course, also did I Do I Do I Do which is currently being underplayed on Extreme. This isn’t any worse than the other Never Ending Story remix we’ve been subjected to, although it gets a little chipmunky before the refrain. While the last song was just stupid, this one at least doesn’t make me want to turn it off immediately. We’ll go with the pedestrian 40/100.

Atomic Kitten / The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling) (Lasgo Remix)

Oh my god, ANOTHER cover. If it wasn’t for the rest of the track list, I’d just call this Covers 3. Covering Blondie and/or Billie Piper depending on how you’re looking at it…this is very minimal for an Atomic Kitten song, I guess. Meh. 35/100. / Domo Domo Domo

It’s like Nori Nori Nori crossed with Butterfly! I wish I was joking. Frankly, outside the refrain, this song is fine. But the refrain is SUCH a waste. I’ll be nice and give this 50/100.

Ladybird / Dangerous To Me

Okay, the bassline sounds like Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. The vocals sound a bit like Kylie. This is nothing spectacular, but it’s good – and given how it sucks far less than everything else I’ve been subjected to, let’s go 60/100.

Cream / I’m Back Now

Given that this has a little bit of a female vocal house feel, I’m guessing this isn’t the legendary band Cream. Makes a lot of sense to have a name very similar to another band on the album, too. Still, it’s decent vocal house, it’s not grating on my nerves too much…but it’s missing just a touch of something. 58/100

Funk Project / You Make Me Feel

I can’t get into this. Cheese + standard dance bass line + badly synthed horns + echoed female vocals with lots of “oooOOoOOO” lines = not my cup of tea. It’s not as bad as CJ, though. 37/100

X-Treme / Long Train Running

This will be interesting, since I love both X-treme, and the Bus Stop cover of Long Train Running. Okay, so the vocals sound like they’re done by some BeeGees knock-offs. And alternately, you get some weird “rapping” from the guy who does most of the X-Treme vocals. The reworking of the song itself sounds really good, but the vocals…wow, they really blew the potential on this one. Seven words I never hope to say again – I’ll stick with the Bus Stop version. 40/100

Bus Stop / Let The Music Play

Speak of the devils…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS EURO TRANCE COMING FROM MY SPEAKERS. Female vocals? Okay, odd. Where’s my lisping rapper? Oh, there he is, only it sounds like he’s being sampled – ironically, sort of like he did on Long Train Running. I can deal with this. Expect this to get massive shouts of “THIS SHOULD BE ON DEE DEE ARR” from the fanboys. 65/100

DJ Alligator Project feat. Dr. Alban / I Like To Move It

I have lived in fear of this track since the track list was announced. Dr. Alban appears to be the ones doing the vocals, and his accent (what is that, Indian?) is pretty thick. This seems to be a pretty standard trance cover…oh THERE’S DJ Alligator. Okay, this is really sad – before October, I hadn’t heard the original I Like To Move It in ages. However, thanks to the grand wisdom of Jason Enos, I’ve unfortunately been re-subjected to it and now know what it’s supposed to sound like. So while DJ Alligator does fine on his rap part, and the techno cover is passable, Dr. Alban is SERIOUSLY out of place here. Still, I’m willing to include this into the usual list. 60/100

DJ Rasputin / Katjusha

I Like To Move It gets mixed into this for far too long (50 seconds). And this is just hard trance with goofy sirens mixed in with what I’d imagine is a Russian melody of some sort. They should’ve just gone with the Tetris theme. Not doing anything either way for me. 50/100.

Kirsty Hawkshaw / Fine Day

Standard arena trance that I’ve heard before – surprisingly, this is the same vocalist who did the other trance version. What the difference is outside just the vocalist being credited, I’m not quite sure. Huh, just found out that the original of this was sampled into Halcyon + On + On. Interesting that this is on Dancemania *now*. Passable, if nothing else, but I’ve heard this a lot in the past. 60/100.

Lasgo / Alone

Triplet hoover trance with female vocals. And then some bassline I’ve heard before. Oh wait, this was remixed on FantasiA 3. No wonder it sounds familiar. So this must be the original? Not bad. Sadly, my willpower has been broken down so that the chorus is hooking me. Watch me rate this down in two weeks. 65/100

Milk Inc. / In My Eyes (DJ Philip Radio Edit)

Wow, another Female Vocal Trance track. This even has the stupid breakdown-snare fill comeback that I’ve heard in nearly every “trance” song since 1998. 30/100

Nouvelle Vague / Love and Pride

Wow, now it’s a trance track where the guy SOUNDS like a girl…and it’s just gone ultra-stupid. They sound a bit like wannabe Duran Duran. And the trance melody sounds like Fire from Beatmania 6th Mix. Better than the average we’ve been batting this album, but that’s not saying much. 52/100

Obsession / Your Song (Transensual Mix)

We seem to have dropped back to the lighter dance-trance. Oh good lord no. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. It’s an Elton John cover. A female vocal trance Elton John cover with snare fills and triplet melody and standard bassline. All I need is to put this on endless repeat, get Kyle Snyder freestyling in here, and I can have my own personal hell! 15/100, only because Kate’s going to want to hear it.

LMC feat. Karen West / Everything U Need

Just unremarkable on a whole. Relies more on rhythm and the voice of the female rather than most of the standard trance elements, so I guess that’s something. A pitiful 40/100.

E-Rotic / Fred Come To Bed 2003

And to close out the album, we get another remix of an E-rotic staple – and even though it’s got snare fills and the standard bass line I’ve been bitching about, at least E-rotic can make it INTERESTING. So help me god, I’m giving this a 60/100.

Final Thoughts

So half the songs are covers of songs I absolutely hate. The majority of the remainders are by the book female vocal trance. Some even hit both of those categories. There are 5 songs on here that I’d be willing to listen to again – and by “willing”, I mean that if they come on my playlist, I’m not going to flip the song immediately.

Skip this, unless you have a desire for pain or the ability to stomach all crappy trance and covers.
I’m tired of the Speed series (Classical Speed was a waste), the main series, as Herbie said, has sucked since 21; I’d really, REALLY like to see another Scorccio mix. Or some more FantasiA. Please, anything except this shit they’ve been churning out.