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Me, myself, or otherwise I.

Reviews Section

Hey, I figured it was as good a time as any. In the new exciting header,
you’ll find a link to my new reviews section, where I’ll eventually be
putting all kinds of fun stuff for you to read. It’s in the CRZ style,
so take note of that now.

If there’s anything you really want to see reviewed, let me know and
I’ll do my best, I guess.

CourseEnroll Tonight

The travesty known as Course Enroll begins tonight for us rising
juniors. Since if you’re here, you must care at least a little about me,
here’s a brief list of what I hope to take next semester:

  • CS 414 (Operating Systems)
  • CS 381 (Theory of Computing)
  • PSYCH 102 (Intro. to Cognative Studies)
  • OR 350 (Accounting)
  • ENGRD 264 (Computer Inst. Design)

This, of course, hinges on my luck, but hey, it should work out.

Break’s Over

Yup, it’s sad but true. Spring Break has come and gone again. Since
there’s probably some slight desire to hear about what I did, here goes

Saturday morning, my parents woke me up at the crack of dawn and I drove
them to the airport so they could go to New Orleans. The half-week
without them was interesting, and I rented a DC to pass the time. On
Wednesday, both my parents and my girlfriend Katie came back. Katie and
I had a wonderful time doing just about nothing. We hung out like we
always do. She went back at 5 PM today.

I’m well rested and ready to head back into school…I think.

Everything’s Coming Up Remy

Ok, so as you can probably tell, I got rid of that ugly frame, so
everything is inline and chock full of PHP. Should make my life easier.
Hopefully soon, I’ll put up a couple more old content pages, and I’ll
put up the last section I’ve been meaning to do, which is more or less
my personal junk drawer. So keep watching.

In consumer news, I got my Palm V Folding Keyboard, and it’s extremely
nifty. I highly recommend one to anyone with a Palm (although I will
have to send mine back due to a sunken spacebar).

Finally, some big news – Ian Lynch Smith offered me a position as an
Intern with Freeverse. As you may know, I’ve been working with them for
the past year or so for beta testing and things like that, and this will
just be furthering my duties. I couldn’t be happier.

Welcome to More & Faster 2

Alright, I’ve got my news script working, so I’m officially making this an open page, just like I did last time.

As you can tell, I’m hosting this bad boy on CSoft, a nifty little host that was suggested to me by my roommate. They’ve been great, and if you’re at all interested in an account, give me a couple days to get up referrer links so I can maybe pay for this service via this web page.

Now that I’m here, I have PHP and MySQL, so I can dynamically do everything. This is good, because now I’ll be able to post news much quicker and easier. Huzzah.

My next task is to move the quotefile to the database, although I may shift some more of my old content over first, and PHP-ize it all. Stay tuned.