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Weekend Update

Well, it’s just past noon, and I’m killing time, so here is your weekend

The COD HS Junior Prom was last night, and I was dragged to it since my
mom didn’t want to take pictures alone. Ran into a number of people from
my grade, so I wasn’t completely screwed. Some interesting outfits, and
while I don’t quite recall who won King, Kyle Hermann won Queen. Congrats, Kyle.

Today is Gil’s birthday. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday.

I’m going freelancing at Swenson’s in an hour, and after
I’m done, I’ll be scanning a variety of pictures – some of Kate and I
from Spring Break, all the pictures from the After Slope Day party at my
house, some of Eddie Schmidt for his page, and the legendary middle
finger shot of me and Steinberg. They should all be up this evening, so
stay tuned.

Can’t Beat That With a Stick

So late last night, I got a message from an old friend of mine, and it
turns out that
is alive again. That brings me back.

Also, over on we have
a unique Daikatana Anti-Petition. This probably means very little to
almost all of you.

Finally, by this time tomorrow I will be starting to move my things out
and home; so expect content updates to be a little more sporatic over
the next few months.

Content! And stuff!

So if you go peek in the reviews section, I just threw up three more
reviews – one show, two movies. Hope they’re somewhat useful to you.
Also, the Method Man MCFAB show was last night, and I’ll have the
hellacious review for you later. There’s also a couple more movies and
games I can review.
I hope to set up a store section soon where I can put referrer links and
whatnot. I could use a little extra moolah.
Oh, and I should have some silly Freeverse MP3s later on this month.
Stay tuned.

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Updates

Well, it’s Saturday, and it’s raining, so I’m inherently bored. What to

Well, first off, Neil Marcus has protested a lack of updates (mostly for
his quotes) on the quotefile, so there’s a couple new quotes there.
Disregard the number at the top, it’s innacurate these days.

Also, the Bank of W-Up Mountain W-Up Credit Union (an
equal-opportunity W-Up lender) has hit its potential max for funds; we
fit 108 cans of soda in the fridge today. Pictures later so you can see
what we do for fun at Cornell.

remyHoo added

Yes, kiddies, I’ve set up my own Yahoo-ish portal. Now you too can check
out my links, and I can add them in a very easy manner. We all win!

  • I’ve implemented an alphabetical sort for the links, because it’s
    going to take me a while to insert all my links and it’ll be nice to
    sort that way.

  • Putting all of my bookmarks and whatnot in will take a while. Give
    me time.

  • The search function works.