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VJA Radio #2

Four months ago, I embarked on a not-so-epic project: I would slap together playlists to provide 12 hours of music, and then stream it all out of my home machine while I was at work so the sorts of people who read this blog would have something to enjoy throughout the day.

Surprisingly, the first one was relatively well received. After months of contemplation, I’ve thrown together eight new themed playlists, totaling eleven hours and forty-four minutes of music on tap for when I’m ready to stream it next.

The date and time will be **this Friday, April 8th, from 8:00 AM EDT to 7:45 PM EDT**. The link will, as always, be posted on the front page of I’ve been told this time I might have one of them nifty reflector things to maximize the bandwidth use.
Below is the tenative schedule of the segments; I’ve tried to minimize the overlap of tracks used last time and this time, but there’s only so much I can do to prevent it. Hope you all enjoy it.

8:00 – 8:50 | **Morning Rockout**
*Bounce your way to work.*

8:50 – 9:58 | **Bemani Semi-Rarities**
*The most obscure Bemani stuff I can find.*

9:58 – 11:34 | **Best Of The 90’s**
*It’s like a middle school dance all over again. “Best” being very subjective, of course.*

11:34 – 1:36 | **Get Your Bootleg On – Again**
*More mashups, bootlegs, samples, and a Sixx Mixx thrown in for good measure.*

1:36 – 2:41 | **Hip Hop For The Discerning Listener**
*Another visit to my odd tastes in hip-hop.*

2:41 – 3:44 | **Nap Attack**
*Downtempo to relax you during during that crucial post-lunch time slot.*

3:44 – 5:19 | **Work It Out**
*Driving beats to finish off your work week to.*

5:19 – 7:44 | **Electromix**
*A hodgepodge of electronic music. House, trance, who knows what else? All the stuff I’ve been listening to lately that hasn’t been played yet.*

Year In Review

January 2004:
We attempt to do Times Square for New Years.
I learned a lot of life lessons at MWSF.
I launched VJ Army.

February 2004:
I got served at Burger King.
I inadvertantly helped start the Importer War in the Bemani community.
I started making mashups using Traktor DJ Studio Pro.

March 2004:
I got my SideKick, forever screwing up my ability to live without one ever again.
We went to a 12 hour John Waters film marathon challenge. (Katie got a picture with him.)
The NYC area got its first IIDX machine.
After giggling over the antics of Gary Anthony Ramsey on NY1, I get emailed by Pat Kiernan and forever cementing NY1 as the best station ever.
Freeverse spends a day competing to find porn from our children’s web browser to test it’s limits. I lost.
I discover QuickSilver, and write a 10 minute tutorial at a time when the app has no documentation. This entry would be published in a book and be by far my most popular entry.

April 2004:
I had a Jesus moment.
I made a formal definition of the GET IT joke.
I saw Avenue Q and the Quantuum Tour in the same week.

May 2004:
We chased PacMan through the streets of Manhattan.
Buttons started to play IIDX, becoming notorious in the US IIDX community.
A friend of mine got married, and I wrote a(nother) one act play about the wedding DJ.

June 2004:
I turned 24 and got a sword.
I left my job at Freeverse, and started a position with Weill Cornell Medical College doing e-learning server administration.
I returned to San Francisco for WWDC.

July 2004:
We went to the Anchorman premiere. Hilarity ensues.
I wrote my first restaurant review list.

August 2004:
I started playing Pop’n Music in earnest.
Katie and I had our second anniversary.
I heavily snarked the NY Times.

September 2004:
Pop’n Navy launched.
I upgraded to an iMac G5.
I realized it’s been a good year for music.

October 2004:
I started using Flickr.
I owned some kids at work.
I met Alton Brown.
I went to see Ricky Gervais at the MTR.
I mused about New York Bagels.

November 2004:
I picked up Halo 2 with no fanfare.
I discovered funny cheese.
I took a personal day to celebrate two new Bemani releases.
I reviewed the uDevGames entries for 2004.

December 2004:
I updated my restuarant reviews.
I went to New Orleans and stole candy.
I went to Slice Club and went skating at Wollman Rink.
We celebrated Katie’s 25th birthday.
I had a data-tacular Christmas.
We went to Tinkle and saw Wilco.

New Playlists: Election 2K4

Preface: As we wind down the clock towards what is going to undoubtedly be the most insane election that I’ve been alive for, I keep hoping I’m going to find the inspiration to write some epic post, grasping onto some new perspective on what’s going to transpire this week, and enlighten a handful of people as to something or other.

The realist in me knows this will never happen; so instead I set out to make a new iTunes mix of potential music for Tuesday. I don’t know what really qualifies as “election music”, to be fair.

The interesting thing that happened was that as I saw the track list growing, there were two distinct – and opposing – threads of songs I was picking. One was the traditional high-energy our-party-is-going-to-kick-their-asses sort of music. The other had a much more apathetic, god-I-hope-this-insanity-ends-soon feeling to it. This makes sense, as my brain is currently split both ways and while I will be voting and rallying Tuesday night, I keep hoping the country may go back to being less insane.

So with that in mind, I present you with not one, but two mixes. Tracks are in no particular order. If you need the name of the album I’ve pulled it from, I’d be happy to provide it.

The “We Will Win” Mix:

Wanderlust – Hold On, by The Wordsmiths
Tomorrow Never Knows (UNKLE Sounds Edit), by The Beatles
Vietnow, by Rage Against The Machine
3030, by Deltron
Callin’ Out, by Lyrics Born
Battle Without Honor or Humanity #3, by Tomoyasu Hotei
Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II), by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Are You A Visionary, by The Kleptones
No More Subliminal Shit, by Peace Division
Know Your Enemy, by Hybrid
Claustrophobic Sting, by The Prodigy
D.I.Y., by KMFDM
Counting Down the Hours, by Ted Leo
Boss Attacks (Remix), by Coldcut & Tim Bran
March Of The Pigs, by Nine Inch Nails
Choice (Sasha Remix), by Orbital
Clear Your Mind, by TaQ
Ten Below Blazing, by m-flo
Dirt, by Death In Vegas
A Day At The Races, by Jurassic 5
Be Careful What You Say, by Groove Armada

The “Please Let This Election Be Over Without A Civil War” Mix:

Politics In America, by Bill Hicks
Is It Wicked Not To Care?, by Belle & Sebastian
America Is Not The World, by Morrissey
The World’s Gone Mad, by Handsome Boy Modeling School
Don’t Blow Your Top, by KMFDM
Intolerance, by Tool
I Should Be Allowed To Think, by They Might Be Giants
Play Nice Kids, by 65daysofstatic
Painkiller – Kill the Pain (DJ Shadow Vs. Depeche Mode), by Depeche Mode
No Way Back, by Fat Jon
Two Points For Honesty, by Guster
Panic Attack, by U.N.K.L.E.
Mad World (Stefan’s Journey Into), by Gary Jules
Impact USA (The Earth Is Burning: Diversion), by Orbital
There’s a Better Place!, by Crazy Penis
Sad But True, by Orbital
You Can’t Go Home Again, by DJ Shadow
The State Of The Union, by Thievery Corporation
Ceremony, by New Order
American Way, by The Crystal Method

Benny Benassi vs. Dave Winer

If you stay current on my links (they’re in the sidebar), you’ll have seen the latest comedic turn in the debacle – is hosting a remix contest of Dave’s audio post.

Having been bitten by the remix bug a long time ago (and the recent acquisition of DJ Shadow‘s In Tune And On Time, which has live footage of Pushin’ Buttons Live), I broke out Traktor DJ Studio and browsed my library for the appropriate song to mash Dave Winer into.

Lately I had been listening to the Benny Benassi album more and more; I had originally blocked it from my consciousness as I found the single “Satisfaction” to be irritating as hell. But as I ended up listening to other tracks – particularly “Time” and “Get Loose” – I noticed that there’s some decent electro house underneath the silly vocal samples. I enjoyed the songs with the least robotic voicing the best.
So when my vision landed on “I’m Sorry”, I realized a number of birds could be killed with one mashup stone. Not only was it a good song for layering samples over, and not only was there some significance to the existing vocal sample (a number of people are up in arms that Dave has not said he was sorry), but I could potentially remove the part of the vocal sample that irritated me (the full vocal sample is: “Are you sleeping? Ohhhh. I’m sorry.”, and with the exception of the last two words, I never liked it.)

So between last night and this morning, I mashed and redubbed and banged my head into the desk repeatedly until I had a workable dance track. I worked together a few jokey sample combinations (“Formats and protocols…are a DEADLY combination.” and a couple using the I’m Sorry sample), and I avoided using the “People love to jump up and down” sample, because this isn’t really a jump-up-and-down track. Some trimming and minor tweaking in Cacophony, and an encoding in iTunes, and voila. Or maybe I should say bing!

You can grab it from, or locally on I’m pretty happy with it, although it would probably be perfect if I had a proper sampling and arranging program like Peak.

Comments happily taken.

So, Are We Poppers?

Every since I put up VJ Army (the ranking site), I’ve received a lot of requests for a Pop’n Music ranking site.

(For those who only follow Bemani to the extent that I mention it here: Pop’n Music, or PNM, is a very colorful and musically-diverse game pretty similar to Beatmania, only with 9 buttons and no turntable. The music comes in every genre available. If you’ve seen Lost In Translation and remember the scene in the arcade with the kid bouncing around in the arcade in front of a weird machine and slapping colored buttons, that’s Pop’n.)

I am happy to announce that I am officially beginning work tonight on the Pop’n ranking site I have alluded to for many months. I have not received a controller yet (as was listed as a condition), but I’m partnering with a well known controller maker to get the site moving. Draw your own conclusions.

Some notes for now for what you can expect:

  • It will be using much of the same code base as VJ Army, as it’s pretty solid and easily adapted to Pop’n.
  • It will cover the home games for the PS2 only.
  • The Pop’n ranking site does not have a snappy name yet. It will be decided later.
  • I’m going to be playing up the graphical nature of Pop’n, and it’ll be a bit more eye-pleasing.
  • Ranking will primarily be done by score out of 100,000, but if you have a note count, you can put it in – it won’t necessarily do anything, but there we go.
  • Users will be able to set in their profiles what type of controller they’re using (Dual Shock 2/Small Official/ASC) and it’ll be denoted next to their scores. Won’t do anything, just noted.
  • I am not accepting beta testers at this time because I really have nothing to show at the moment. Don’t ask. in full effect

Jared’s mp3s are undergoing the approval process, but four have gotten
approved, so there’s more than enough. So, for reference sake, and your
enjoyment, here is the complete listing of my ‘record label’ at

[Jared, Butcher of Song](
[Eddie Schmidt](

Download one, or the other, or all of them. Doesn’t matter to me.